MS? BFS? Anxiety?

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MS? BFS? Anxiety?

Postby ams on April 30th, 2008, 10:51 am

I apologize if this is a long one...

At the beginning of March, I moved, and was stressed about grad school and work. I likely needed a break that I didn't really take. Not long afterward, I noticed that my legs seemed a little sore and weak. When stretching them, my thighs twitched like crazy, so, of course, I visited with Dr. Google and had myself scared. I've always twitched, but my muscles were going nuts, I had those wonderful jolt/shock feelings in my fingers and feet, and my things and feet felt as though they were always on the verge of cramping. Over the course of 3 weeks or so, I was sure I had ALS, Parkinson's, MS, or some other nasty neurological disease. I had a tingle in my lip, thought it was numb, and checked constantly (I think it just gets dry). I went to my Dr., who did a routine physical, blood test (including CK levels), and pronounced me healthy. When I asked specifically about any neurological issues, he said he didn't see any reason to believe there was anything such as a progressive neurological disorder going on. Ankle stiffness and ratcheting w/ active movement garnered me a referral to a podiatrist, who watched me walk, had me stand on my toes and walk on my heels, and diagnosed me with high arches, which could account for ankle stiffness, and some very slight balance issues (since I tend to walk on the outsides of my feet). These run in my family, but of course I managed to scare myself about CMT (which doesn't). The podiatrist was surprised that I didn't have much pain in my ankles or feet, and is having custom insoles made for me. The other annoyance in this whole htings was that I started to see more floaters/sparks/flashers in my vision, so I went for an eye exam, got dilated, and everything looked fine. I even called the eye Dr. later after noticing what I thought was color wash-out and and some eye discomfort, and asked specifically about optic neuritis. He said my optic nerve looked fine, and I had no reason to worry. The eye discomfort largely went away. To top it all off, heart anxiety, which hits me from time to time, flared up in the middle of all this, but has faded.

So...all should be well, no? Ugh.

This weekend, feeling fine, until I slide my shoes on, and take a step. Upon impact, my right foot tingles a little. I try to pay it no mind, but keep feeling a tingle in my right foot, and a little in my left. It comes and goes, and I try not to worry. Sunday, my feet are still tingling a bit, and now they're really cold, like ice. I warm them up, watch a movie, and they feel fine for the rest of the evening, though a walk outside gets me worrying about my lip again. The past few days, my feet are still cold (though not as bad) and even have this odd cold sensation when they're not that cold to the touch. My ankles and soles are achy and sensitive, and the tingling is more insistent now. It's not so much a pins and needles tingle (that only happens periodically), but more of a buzz or vibration that sometimes is just in the sole, sometimes is all over my foot, and sometimes grows into a nice pins and needles tingle. My hands are also cold (but they tend to be), with a little tingling, but not much. My skin feels more sensitive, as well. I'm twitching throughout my foot as well, but I've largely conquered my ALS fear, so that's not so much of a worry. But, MS is decidedly on my mind...

Can anyone offer some advice/reassurance/explanation of why this isn't likely MS? My Dr. wasn't the most personable of guys when I peppered him with symptoms and questions before, so I'm not entirely sure I want to call him up again for more vague symptoms in my feet (I don't know that I mentioned any tingling to him before, as it wasn't a big issue then), and I know that he'll likely just tell me to wait until early June, when I get those insoles, to see if they help. This just drives me nuts since as recently as Thursday, my feet and ankles felt fine, and all of my worry was concentrated on my eyes. Fast forward 5 days, and it's completely switched. I'm watching myself walk again, worrying when my forefoot scuffs the ground, or my toe hits periodically, and thinking all the time about my feet and how they feel. I had an MRI of my head done in 2005 or so (no contrast, if I remember correctly) for headaches I was having, and they said everything looked fine. Now, I wonder if spots perhaps showed up which could have indicated future MS likelihood, but they didn't mention them since that wasn't my presenting issue, or I wonder if they just missed that altogether.

A little help would be appreciated on this end...I'm really not liking the idea of making another Dr. appointment and trying to convince him to send me to a neuro, especially given that I have an inkling of a feeling that this is anxiety/tension related (I think that fuels any BFS I may have), but I need some reassurance (or a kick in the pants to get to the Dr., I suppose, if this is likely serious).

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MS? BFS? Anxiety?



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