Newly Diagnosed - Please help!

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Newly Diagnosed - Please help!

Postby 17LIVE on April 18th, 2008, 8:28 am

Hello everyone. I've had a history of on-again/off-againlow back and hip pain for several years though the current day.
While I've always had the usual twitches here and there throughout my life, over the past month or so it's been much more continual.

It started with an eyelid twitch that just wouldn't go away for about 4 days straight, which finally stopped. A few days later, the arches of my feet both began to twitch on a continual basis. Anyways, it is pretty much widespread now 80% in my lower extremities (anywhere on my feet, below claves, calves, quads, hip area, groin, etc) and the occasional twitches in my upper body (arms, back, shoulder, side of chest, abs, some near my face, buttock, etc.). The ones in my upper body usually consist of a series of brief twitches lasting a few seconds at a time then are gone. However, the ones that occur in my lower body are for the most random brief one-time twitches but on nearly constant basis in one spot or another. For instance, I'll have on on the bottom of my left for for one second, then a few seconds later I'll feel one behind my achilles area ... then a few minutes later I'll feel one on the other side of my leg in my quad that is a one and done twitch. As all of you know, it's SO frustrating!

I've always been a bit of an anxious person, but my fears about these random and most of the time total body twitches has led me to become a Google expert as well ... and we all know that I'm talking about in terms of what I discovered online - won't even say it! Has made me crazy!

I went to GP who did tons of bloodwork for my back, hip pain, etc and knew about the twitches - all came back normal, even arthritis tests.
He did a full physical neurological exam, which he said was absolutely perfect. So, he referred me to a Ortho Doc for my back and hip stuff, he did a series of x-rays and an MRI, and I go back to him on Monday for results.

By the way, I have NO weakness whatsoever ... and I know from reading "BFS in a nutshell" the saying ...

If my ortho says there is nothing he can really see causing my joint pain issues or this twitching, do I even need to go to a neuro or not?
If it's really BFS, then is it really worth making an appt with a neuro and going through all of this again - or just living with it?

I greatly appreciate ALL of your reponses and thoughts - it has been a very difficult time with the mind doing wonders on me. Thanks!
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Newly Diagnosed - Please help!



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