Hello all here to update and read a bit

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Hello all here to update and read a bit

Postby 66SScar on April 30th, 2008, 3:00 pm

Twitches & Twitchers

Hi, Dwaine Alberts here in Overland Park, KS looking in to say hi to all. I was online here off and on for a brief time with twitching and muscle pain. I started using 5 mg Clonazapam which helped with sleep and aniexty. I still twitch and have muscle and joint pain and still take Clonazapam daily. I still have Psoriatic arthritis which my doctor is happy to see that I have been able to manage my arthritis with 375 mg Naproxen twice daily. My psoriasis is cleared 99.9 percent from my body. I have a very small spot on my left elbow that I treat with a prescription topical ointment. Along with the Naproxen my rumatologist has given me a script for 50mg Tramadol. I do use this as needed and have taken no more than 5 mg daily etc. I have DDD in my lower spine and completed successfully about 15 sessions of disc decompression over a year ago. Was very successful and have been fortunate the lower back pain has been miminal. I do use a inverted table daily to help in stretching my spine etc. Currently have small buldge in L5 S1, a slim pancake disc remaining in L4 L5 unfortunately dark with no sign of fluid and some minor damage in L2 L3. I have and continue to try and exercise 50 minutes daily. Has and continues to be painful and I find myself taking time off for rest that lowers the joint and muscle pain level.

Rcently I visited a A*S neurologist for a followup at KU med school regarding some muscle damage above my right knee that is about 2-3 inches in length and centered just above my knee cap. The doctor looked and thought it was fat tissue loss but did say she could see what I was describing. I did tell her that I feel mild sensations and some superfical numbing. In general I mentioned it did not always feel normal at times. I did tell her I have no weakness and can still individual leg curl 80 lbs in reps of 12 along with seated leg presses of 235 255 in reps of 14 & 16. She still thought it was fat tissue loss............ but I have a little concern that I hope she is right.

So I am still twitching especially after exercise. I have the other stuff mentioned and again hoping the arthritis will stay in slow neutrual. I might mention my Neurologist believes some of my health problems were related to my work schedule and intense stress that caused me sleeping problems etc. I was paid 52 weeks and out with my employer and during that time my arthritis slowed and stopped along with the clearing up of my Psorisis. Sleep problems and intense stress can cause us some of our health problems.

PS. I had 5-6 neuros in 1.5 years telling me I have BFS w cramps and another movement specialist neuro telling me I suffer from a really bad case of myokimia. Anyone from the Kansas area?

Again Hello all
Dwaine :D
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Hello all here to update and read a bit



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