Exercise intolerance or not?

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Exercise intolerance or not?

Postby Machine on February 10th, 2015, 3:52 pm

Hi- I have twitchy calf muscles but I'm pretty sure I don't suffer the full range of BFS symptoms like some of you good people do.

I would like to ask about exercise intolerance.

When I exercise, my calf muscle twitches do become more pronounced, but for the past 18 months, on and off, I have had this inner tremor sensation that seems to radiate from my backside. I'm confused though because sometimes it feels like an over awareness of my own inner workings, or my heart beating but there is no visible shake.

When I exercise however I don't get pain or fatigue or visible shaking, just this inner tremor which can take days, even weeks to subside. Sometimes I think it's pyschsomatic I.e that when I think about it it comes on or its anxiety related. I don't suffer anxiety mentality anymore as such, my conscious mind seems to have shut it down, but sometimes I think subconsciously anxiety is at play and my conscious mind suppressing it forces it into my body and its manifesting itself this way.

It's funny how these days when I'm in an anxiety provoking situation ( like a tough meeting)I can get through it, but my body goes wild with theses sensations. Sometimes when it does this I later say to myself, 'ok, let it out' and I relax and my body erupts in these shakes, like pent up energy being released.

Anyone any ideas please and solutions?
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Re: Exercise intolerance or not?

Postby Little Lost on February 11th, 2015, 6:38 pm


Loads of people on here report that internal tremor/ vibration feeling. If you put in the search above you can learn quite a lot about it. You are right in that these fine, deep rapid fasciculations can't often be visualised or felt by other people. I have had them near continuous for over 3 years. Back then my neurologist said they are like tinnitus after a while your brain adjusts, so even though they are still there, they become more background.

Hope you this helps

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Re: Exercise intolerance or not?

Postby BFSBurger on March 11th, 2015, 12:17 am

What you're dealing with isn't psychosematic. We've got a disorder of the nervous system. This results in a reduced ability to properly handle (and limit) anxiety levels. Many of us here were perfectly "normal" and then an event, or chronic stressful situation "broke" something. So now what you're dealing with is inflammation from even minor amounts of anxiety / stress.

This inflammation isn't in your head - its entirely chemical, and real. Stress hormones get excreted significantly more than normal, and that generates inflammatory responses from your immune system, your nerves, muscles, spine, tendons, joints, skin, tongue, hormones, etc. There's a whole cascading effect that ultimately makes it difficult to know exactly WHAT specific thing is happening after its been going a long time. Ultimately you end up with an entirely inflamed system, that reacts too much to even small stressors like exercise, etc.

The key (for me) was to create days and days of oasis for myself. With mild exercise (we joke about using the pink dumbbells) for a good 6 months. Body needs a break. Needs time to put the fires out and then another 5 months to sit *undisturbed*. This was the only way I managed to "manage" my BFS down to a nonexistent situation. But I most assuredly can bring it back. I know exactly how to do it. Whether its turning my diet into a junk food fest full of gluten, sugars, and caffeine... working out too hard again ... or anything else that creates stress on your system - it can come rolling right back.

In general i would picture anything that happens to you as an end-stage result of a cascade of events that have lead to tons of random parts of your body simply being "inflamed" and needing a break. A long ... long ... long break.

How I resolved my BFS within 1 year of onset:

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Re: Exercise intolerance or not?



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