My strange experiment for curing 'jelly legs'...

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My strange experiment for curing 'jelly legs'...

Postby amy_twitch on July 12th, 2004, 12:44 pm

Hi everyone,

I know a lot of us have been experiencing 'jelly legs' from time to time where we feel a little more clumsy than normal--or have episodes where one leg feels heavier or clumsier than the other.

I tend to have a lot of times where my left leg feels clumsier and heavier than my right leg. This could be because I hoist my toddlers around on my left hip all the time, so the strain of walking that extra weight on my hip has probably affected the joint somewhat. Add in aches from anxiety/stress--and you get the picture....

Anyway, just for fun, I tried an experiment. I played around with my gait to find a way to make my legs feel more 'normal'. Walking around with my feet very-slightly pigeon-toed seems to do the trick. It felt a tiny bit awkward, but it eliminated the subtle feeling of needing to 'hoist' my left leg forward. Within no time, my mind was no longer concentrating on walking--everything just felt normal. As I kept on with my daily activities, of course, I was no longer walking pigeon-toed (because it takes concentration), but rather I was walking with my usual gait but without the 'jelly' feelings.

The reason I think this worked for me is because, so much of the 'jelly legs' sensation is all in our heads. Of course, my gait is perfectly normal...I just perceive it as abnormal because of a strange physical sensation on my left side--and then I obsess and think that I'm having to hoist my left leg. By simply changing the sensation in my legs--by walking pigeon-toed for a mind was able to have a new perception, and after a bit (along with being distracted by my kiddos), I drifted back into my natural walk without having any strange perceptions about my gait. It's the art of distraction--simply forcing my mind to perceive the sensation of walking pigeon-toed eliminated the jelly legs sensation I was previously feeling.

This might also work because walking slightly pigeon-toed alters your posture and makes it harder for your hips to 'slouch forward'...thus easing up on the hip joint.

Whatever the case, it seems to be working for me.

So for now, every time I start to feel like my left leg has gone to 'jelly'...I don't obsess about hoisting my leg...I simply change my gait to pigeon toed for a while and eventually I feel back to normal.

This probably sounds really odd, but for those of you who do suffer from jelly legs, you know how frustrating it can be and how much havoc it can cause your mind. If anyone else has other good solutions--I'd love to hear them. Take care!!

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My strange experiment for curing 'jelly legs'...



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