Shoulder Trauma to BFCS to?

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Shoulder Trauma to BFCS to?

Postby Kevin on May 3rd, 2006, 10:03 am

I had a 3rd degree shoulder seperation in early February and my thumb on that side started twitching a week later and lasted for a week before stopping. By the first of April my symptoms came on full blow with tricept fasciculations and soreness/cramping and cramping in calves. I have had this cramping like feeling almost everywhere including my hands and feet. Has anyone else had trauma that precipitated their symptoms. Are these still thought to be a benign course. I am worried since I have read conflicting studies saying trauma increases risk of ALS including a man with similar symptoms to mine that developed into ALS. How long have people that have had trauma followed by similar symptoms to mine had their symptoms?

This is where I have done my research:

Thanks much for your time.
Kevin :cry:
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Postby Mork on May 3rd, 2006, 10:22 am

Hi Kevin,

Whether your trauma was the start of your BFS or not, you sound like you do have BFS and not ALS. Have a read through the sticky post "BFS in a nutshell" ... .php?t=200 and remind yourself of the difference in the twitches.

Certainly many people have cited stress as their precursor to BFS, whether that was the cause or the side effect that made it visible is another matter, but trauma and stress obviously go hand in hand.

Do yourself a BIG favour and quit doing the self diagnosis and internet research before you drive yourself to despair. If you really are worried go and see your doctor and speak to him about it and put your mind at ease, and certainly stop getting ideas that certain things increase your risk of developing the nasty disease, you really will drive yourself mad! :)

I'm sure you are fine. Sorry to hear about the shoulder.
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