Is this BFS?

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Is this BFS?

Postby nervousguy1 on September 17th, 2008, 2:05 am

Hello everyone,

5 months ago, i started to have allot of cramping in both of my legs. Well, no constant cramping.. just a few hours a day.
After 2 months, it dissapeared. During that time, i also experienced allot of lightheadedness and headaches during my night shifts.
I started to google to learn what this could mean.. and i got scared since i got some results that this could mean a brain tumor.

2 months ago, i was sick for about 4 days. During that time, i started to cough badly. I thought at first that it was a common flu.. since i didn't spew up any mucus, i couldn't resist to google on the internet.. in this way, i developed a strange habit; everytime i spit up something while coughing, i had to check to see if there was any blood in it because i thought i had lung cancer, since i smoked allot in the past.

These thoughts slowly dissapeared over the weeks.. but they came back again after i started to have allot of back pain.. a similair pain i used to have on my legs a couple of months ago. The pain never was on 1 place; it slowly moved over the days.. sometimes to my hips.. sometimes up to my shoulderblades. I thought it was just some overstretched muscle; the pain went away after 2 weeks. I also had an odd experience while trying to open my door; when i tried to put the key in.. it felt like my arm was 'pulled' back.. like i was unable to stretch it fully. The next day, the same thing happened.. day 3; no problems.. except that i had some difficulty with turning the key ( maybe due to stress; since i was trembling allot before and after ).. and i have experienced no problems after that

Then, i started to have twitches all over my body with some painful cramping. 'Hot spots' that seem to be changing every day..
so i used google again and started to think i had ALS. I must say however, that it seems to get worse when i focus allot on it, or when i freak out.. muscle twitching is still constant, but it seem to go now and then.. but everytime i wake up, i have cramping in either my legs, arms or back.. and 'crawling / worm' sensations under my skin all over my body. Sometimes it feels like im stabbed with a knife.. sometimes it's isolated and it feels like a hot needle is going through my skin

Now i have even more strange 'habits'..
I constantly do strength tests that i never would have done.. like standing up on 1 leg, doing pushups.. toe walking. I started doing these test 3 days ago.
Yesterday, my right arm and leg felt weak ( by weak i mean a rubber / overused feeling after exercising; im right handed myself so i freaked out. I started to do more test... i just could'nt link the weakened feeling to the strange test i have been doing. After a while, my entire right leg felt stiff.. stiffness is another symptom so i freaked out even more.

I have read that muscle atrophy is accompied with weight loss; guess what? i check my weight more then 6 times a day..
3 weeks ago, i was still 88 kilo's; last week i was 86.8 on average.. now im 85.9.. this scares me allot.. since i have crawling/twitching/cramping sensations all over my body and face. I must say however, that after i was sick, i constanly thought i had some serious ilness so i didnt ate well since then.. and i also started to walk more often. We are also moving to another house so this can also cause some weightloss. But somehow, i cant seem to link this with my weight loss; i'm eating pretty well ( i think i do.. :shock: ) over the past few days and im still losing weight..

i think its due to muscle loss and i also compare all my body parts and check for muscle atrophy.. im started to see muscle loss while in fact.. most 'dents' could've been there for years that i've never noticed untill i started to 'monitor' my own body.

I have an appointment with a neurologist next week on wednesday.. Untill then, i cant seem to stop my exercises and my weight monitoring..

Is this BFS? or can this be that horrible disease?
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Is this BFS?



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