specific muscle pain

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specific muscle pain

Postby Fritz on February 3rd, 2004, 11:36 am

When you all say muscle pain, exactly what are you referring to? Sometimes I feel like I have a charlie horse or something ... some type of knot in my muscles, but that is not that concerning to me. Other times I feel like there is actually some type of inexplicable pain in my muscle. It usually is pretty quick and only last a few seconds, but I can have it various times throughout the day. It doesn't hurt too much, but I have never had this type of pain before ... like if a small section of a muscle all of a sudden hurt ... not an entire section, like from working out.

Also, does anyone else have little "zings" of pain? These are also strange to me, but sometiems I will have a muscle that all of a sudden feels a little pain that sort of runs along the muscle, kind of like a quick little shock. Nonetheless ... kind of unsettling. Thanks all :-) Peace!
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Muscle pain

Postby DCGuy on February 17th, 2004, 5:48 pm

Yes...I have had this exact symptom. It was worse (or at least more noticeable) when I first starting experiences twitches about 6 months ago. Especially susceptible were the back of my neck and forearms, but it could happen anywhere, such as the back or legs. I think this phenonomena might be called "dyesthesias", and appears to be common among BFS'ers.

The pain would feel like a dull ache for 3-5 seconds, then often migrate to another spot. It was rarely intense enough to be truly painful, but did wake me up occasionally. I tried Advil a couple times, but it didn't help; it may even have aggravated it.

I've also always had a shooting pain here and there for years that sometimes cause a limb or finger to twitch involuntarily, but these have been very rare...maybe every few weeks.

The aches and twitches have subsided significantly over the past couple months, to the point I go days without giving it much thought. I hope the same happens for you. I find the best treatment of all is to not worry about it.
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Hey Fritz

Postby John on February 17th, 2004, 11:18 pm

It's a wierd feeling huh . I had exactly the same thing , and when I would tell some one at work or a friend about it , they would just look at me and say ,"Ok ,JUST KEEP AWAY FROM ME , YOU NUT"

My symptoms have greatly decreased as Just as DC GUY 'S have ,and I agree to just not worry about it .

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Hey Fritz



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