My EMG report- SO yall can use this against me to whip me!!

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My EMG report- SO yall can use this against me to whip me!!

Postby TattooedMommy on June 12th, 2008, 4:35 pm

Hey yall. As ya know I freaked out yesterday thinking irrationally. SO I went and picked up my EMG report that I had been reluctant to do incase it said ONE thing on there that MIGHT freak me out. Ok, So I got it today..And this below is the report: (I figure you can use it to whip some sense in my sometimes when I go "BUT BUT BUT, WHAT IF".

Indications For Electrodiagnostic Study:

D.Graves is a 28 year old female, who has noted twitching in random spots of her body at random times. This is worse in the calves and she has some in the triceps and shoulder area. She feels as though someone thumps her at different at different spots on her body. She denies any cramps or weakness. She was initially seen April 21, 2008 and was given the diagnosis of BENIGN FASCICULATION SYNDROME. She also is currently pregnant.

She has other past medical history significant for OCD and ADD. (how embarassing but its

Her neurologic exam is NORMAL. She is referred to evaluate for fasciculation syndrome. Therea re no contraindications or limitations. Risks and benefits were discussed with the patient.

1. The right medial gastrocnemius muscle reveals one fasiculation withouth ANY OTHER SPONTANEOUS ACTIVITY And NORMAL MOTOR UNIT POTENTIALS. (my CAPS used)
2. The right deltoid, triceps, biceps, FDI, APB, anterior tibiialis, vastus lateralis, peroneus longus, and vastus medialis muscles show NORMAL INSERTION ACTIVITY AND MOTOR UNIT POTENTIALS WITH NO SPONTANEOUS ACTIVITY. (again my CAPS).
3. A monopolar needle electrode was used.

Interpretation of Electroneurodiagnostic Studies:

These electrophysiologic findings reveal ONE fasciculation in ONE muscle out of TEN muscles that were studied. There is NOT a increased amount of insertional activity or ABNORMAL insertional activity, as would be seen in MOTOR NEURON DISEASE such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. There are no previous test for comparision, The diagnosis is still consistent with BENIGN FASCICULATION SYNDROME. No follow up.

Dr.****** *******, M.D.
Board Certified
Emg, EEG, NCV studies.

OKKKKKK sooo when I Start freaking out just POST THIS back to me lol!!!!!! :mrgreen:
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My EMG report- SO yall can use this against me to whip me!!



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