Old Timer Needing Help - Sporadic Cold Sensations

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Old Timer Needing Help - Sporadic Cold Sensations

Postby levtondes on July 29th, 2007, 1:38 pm

Hi All,

After about 20 months I have become pretty used to the twitching...

However I seem to have moved into a new phase where I get sporadic 'zaps' of cold on my limbs ( specially left leg, although on the other leg and arms / hands as well ). These zaps usually move around and are not very long lasting...

Dont seem to get them in bed when I am resting but they kick off in the day, so I suspect the old adrenaline ( and 'body watching' ) factor for this..

Logic tells me that this is just another case of my nervous system playing tricks on me, but I am looking for some level of confirmation from other long termers who have experienced similar sensations and have had them presented to the neuro's for discussion...

I have become remarkably zen about the twitching, but this new sensation is freaking me out.

Any advice on similar experiences that you have gotten through most appreciated.


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Old Timer Needing Help - Sporadic Cold Sensations



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