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Postby kEG on October 4th, 2002, 2:26 pm


I want to express my great affection and appreciation to all who have helped me here at this site!

I have been experiencing twitching for 3 months now. Have had every type of test and all came back normal. The only thing I truely believe that is not normal is MY brain function!

The vast majority of us have suffered from anxiety and/or obsessive compulsive disorders regarding our health. Hence, I am inclined to believe that my OCD / anxiety disorder has caused my body to freak!

I have talked myself into believing I had almost every disease in the book over the years, and I think this is no different. I have become so hypersensative to my own body and it's functions, that I notice almost everything going on within myself. This can't be good!

I have recently gone on zoloft and xanax, and my twithing has diminished considerably. I am finally coming to grips with the fact that I will probably always be anxious, but I have decided to just accept it as a "mental" problem, as no medical reasoning can be offered. With that, I can let go of the fear that I am dying! Knowing that has helped ease my mind and I twitch less each day. I am hoping I will not continue to be so aware of them, and possibly they will go away.

I am also not going to return to this site, because for me it will be a constant reminder that I have this God awful condition. I want to let go of my fears, not hold on to anything that will remind me. Reading your stories may spark more twitching! I'm taking my doctor's word for it and many of your words, that I am OK! Hopefully we can all find a way out of this!

You have all helped me a great deal! Especially those that have done all the research on ALS and convinced me that I DID NOT have it when the doctors could not!

I am moving on.........eventually, I hope, to a place where I can find peace of mind. And NEVER experience my anxiety / OCD again!

Hope you all can do the same!!!!

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Postby Jake_the_twitch on October 4th, 2002, 3:47 pm

I have considered the same approach but I think I have developed OCD when it comes to the twitching.

Good Luck Keg and if you should find one day that your twitching has stopped please try to drop us a line.
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