does anyone know just how reliable emgs are

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does anyone know just how reliable emgs are

Postby KERRI on July 25th, 2003, 10:32 am

How reliable are emgs, i know some of us around here have heard so many horror stories, Carol's for example, and this makes us feel that emgs are not really a good way to judge whether or not you are diseased. I have been told by my friend who is a neurologist that emg is sooooooooooooo sensitive that if done properly it should pick up any abnormalities.

I have also been told that you should not have all the emgs done by one person.

What is the opinion of this forum in regards to emg

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Postby Brian_B on July 25th, 2003, 1:16 pm

if a qualified neurologist does the EMG it is extremely reliable. My opinion, the doctors you been going to are not helping you any by doing more EMGs and exams, since they keep doing more they are helping you get this idea that you have something wrong when you dont. They should tell you no I will no do another EMG nor exam because the past 5 or however many you had were negative.

once again you seriously need psychological help if you refuse to believe multiple EMGs and multiple exams and reflex tests.

there are therapists the specialize in dealing with people who think they have medical conditions when they dont and refuse to believe doctors who tell them they are ok.
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Postby uber on July 28th, 2003, 6:05 am

Not again Kerri :\

Im trying not to be rude but please just do yourself a favour and stop with the whole self diagnosis internet thing. I totally agree with Brian, these doctors you are seeing arent helping you at all, they should be refusing to give you more tests because its obviously making no difference at all. With all your strange symptoms I wouldnt totally rule out the chances of something like MS or Fibromyalgia, taking into account your age and also beein female, but with all the tests you have had done its very very unlikely, put it this way..any doctor/specialist in the world with all the tests you have had done is going to put you in a very low risk category for MS, and if you want to look at it this way, you are in a lower risk category for developing MS than joe public, due to all the clear testing you have had. But saying all this...there is no test to 100% rule out MS with anybody, even somebody who has never had an MS symptom or worry in their life could not get a 100% ruling out of the disease. And with your main fear ALS...well in my opinion you are just making yourself look a bit silly tbh, classic Hypochondria. There is no way on earth do you have ALS. I keep telling you along with everybody else on these forums that what you are describing sounds like an Anxiety Disorder, every time you make a post describing your symptoms the whole picture of your "coming & going" symptoms, just doesnt tie in with the rapid and progressive onset of ALS or the relapsing/remitting pattern of MS, it ties in with Anxiety.

Remember Kerri on the internet you can always find something to support your opinion, and that in your case is a very bad thing. Stay off the net, find something to distract you from it and seek pshycological help.
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