Had one of the worse nights of my life

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Had one of the worse nights of my life

Postby dan123 on July 24th, 2003, 8:22 am

I am new to this site so let me tell you my story:

I am in my late 20's pretty healthy guy. About 6 months ago I had a big anxiety problem for the first time in my like. I saw my doctor for constant headache and after a CT of the head it was dismissed as Anxiety. I went to see a therapies and I was able to get my anxiety under control. Headache came and went from time to time but I was going thru lots of personal stress so I rule it out because I did not want to get anxious again.

About 1 1/2 months ago I started to have this muscle spasm or twitches. I did not think it was anything so I did not let it bother me. After a few week of having them I became a bit worry and I asked a friend who told me to have it check. Since I had a doctor apt in a few weeks I waited till my apt. I had to change my apt a week back because of work issues but I this time a was desperate so I did what I should have never done. "google search for twitching". I was not long until I found this site which made me feel a lot better but still the worries we all have was very vivid. I kept trying to tell me self I was ok and stayed away from another site.

Then I read Carols post and notice I had similar sx. (Dull headache, eye problems, problem is my swallowing and a small sign of atrophy under my left collar bone. I notice the atrophy way b/4 the spasm and the swallowing problem when away after flux medication)

I was keeping it from my wife but yesterday showed her the small atrophy and what I think could be tongue atrophy...she got very scared so I stop the conversation.(Know I feel all alone)

Know here are my good and bad sx:

-tongue atrophy(maybe not self dx) funny feeling
-small atrophy bellow collar bone((maybe not self dx)

-Twitching is all over and not in one spot
-Only about 40-60 time per day
-No weakness even on hot spot areas
-no other signs of atrophy.

I am going to see my doctor today and also ask a neuro nurse friend to get me in to see a Neuro...I will be able to make it thru the weekend without some news. PLEASE HELP ME HERE. Anyone with similar sx.

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Postby dwl on July 24th, 2003, 9:30 am

Hi Dan,

You sound fine. A few observations:

1. ALS causes predominantly wasting of limb muscles. By that time weakness would be evident. I've never read of anyone apart from Carol who had atrophy of the muscles under the collarbones. Remember that none of us are completely symmetrical. This may be one of these things that you read about & then immediately develop the symptoms!

2. In ALS, swallowing problems do not come and go - they are progressive. Also, swallowing problems are almost always associated with difficulty talking. I'll bet it's reflux or anxiety causing your swallowing problems.

3. Everyone has dimples on their tongue, especially around the edges where the teeth press on it. If you had genuine tongue atrophy you would not be able to talk properly or push food around your mouth with it.

4. It is VERY unusual for ALS to have twitching as the first symptom - 94% of cases have weakness as the first symptom.

You're right to see a neuro & get it checked out - they can usually tell you there and then whether there is a problem or not. Hang on in there!

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Postby Pole on July 24th, 2003, 10:01 am

I agree with dwl.

What we think is atrophy ussually is not. The power of mind is great.
Tongue atrophy - I am sure you dont have it. If you speak and eat with no problems your toungue cant be atrophied. Believe me. I also thought that I had toungue atrophy. I was pretty sure. I show it to neuro and he told me that tongue atrophy looks tottaly different. And if tongue is really atrophied you cant eat and speak normally. And what is also important you would have tongue fasciculations. I dont mean twiches. Tongue twiches are not a bad sign. Bad sign are tongue fasciculations - they look like alien is living and moving in your tongue and you cant miss it!

Dont worry.
Everything will be OK
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Postby dan123 on July 24th, 2003, 10:05 am

Thanks...DWL.POLE...Really makes me feel better...I just came form my GP...he said my my tongue was normal...I had some blood work done to rule other stuff like lyme. I am going to the Neuro for the final piece of mind. But I do feel MUCH better.
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Postby tlotoxl on July 24th, 2003, 11:53 am

it's pretty crazy what we can see if we look really closely, eh? a couple of years ago while completely sober i was looking at my lower front teeth and i pulled my lips back to examine my gums more carefully. anyway, under the intense scrutiny i suddenly had the feeling that my flesh was wasting away and that my teeth were sticking out like the extra inside mouth from the alien movie series. yikes. anyway, it had me freaked out for an hour or so before i realized what a total idiot i was being; the human body is a pretty wacky contraption and if you examine any part of it too long, it starts to look very alien and wrong.

more on topic, i noticed my tongue was frilly around the edges last week and was feeling a bit of malaise about that, but have been since reasurred. glad you're feeling better dan.
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