What about exposure to fungus & molds?

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What about exposure to fungus & molds?

Postby DavidG on June 30th, 2003, 6:19 pm

Been a few months since I posted here. Been experiencing a lot of the same symptoms that most folks mention, but lately mine have been getting worse. I was having the typical twitching & night time jolts, but now I have this steady, light trembling/shaking that occurs primarily when I am lying down or sitting. It isn't a specific muscle or muscle area that is twitching but a light shaking that can be felt over a large area like my trunk, upper legs, neck or waist area, etc. When I stand up the shaking almost goes away completely. The only thing I experience when I'm up and about is an occasional light headedness. Needless to say it is making sleeping very, very difficult because the moment I lay down this light shaking starts and it doesn't really stop unless I cuddle up very close to my wife and that does help some (but that's hard to maintain since she's a heavy snorer).

Now the other day my wife brought up the possibility of mold & fungus exposure. We live here in western Oregon, where most of you are probably aware that it is quite moist for a good portion of the year. Add to that that we have several significant water leaks (through our badly in need of repair roof). Many water stains are visible on ceilings throughout the house. Now, if we have this much water leakage and we also live where we do, then I'm thinking that there could be some significant molds & fungus growing, but just not very visible. Unfortunately, we are not in a position financially to do anything about the roof or the possible fungus problem except to move. BTW, I rarely exeprience these shaking problems when we are away and not sleeping in our house.

So, my obvious question is does anyone know if exposure to molds & fungus can cause neurological type symptoms like I mentioned or the other typical BFS symptoms? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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Postby Floater on July 1st, 2003, 7:22 pm

im not quite sure...mabye if the fungus is in your body can cause nero syms...

i live in oregon 2 ....portland.... maybe its whats in the rain
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