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Neuro Appointment

Postby KERRI on June 16th, 2003, 5:51 am

My neuro appointment is wednesday and I am soooo nervous, I hope everything goes well. I was reading that twitches are a big indicator of Lyme disease also. I have been bitten by two female deer ticks in the last 10 years, and have had some antibiotic therapy, my dad and brother in-law both have lyme. My lyme test always comes back negative but so did my dads they new it was lyme when a rash appeared, I also get strange rashes. I am not affraid if it is lyme that would be a little easier to deal with. I going to ask my neuro if maybe they can try some antibiotic therapy just for the heck of it.

What do you guys think, I mean I live in Upstate New York and lyme is very common in these parts.

I am so confused, some days I feel okay and some I feel like complete crap especially a few days after a work out. I have had 4 emg's and yet this BFS stuff is a hard sell.

My fiance and best friend both twitch everyday as well, I have seen some of theirs and they are just as bad if not worse than mine. They do not let it bother them. My fiance says if it kills him it kills him and he will cross that bridge when he comes to it. I just feel like I should try to find out what is causing instead of letting it take control.

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Neuro Appointment



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