Massage helps!

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Massage helps!

Postby lee on May 17th, 2003, 1:34 am

:) Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say again that I am so very grateful to this site! It has helped a million to ease my mind in such a very short time. Just a couple of weeks ago I was at a really low point and I have to say that as of today I am feeling much better.

I was recently in a car accident and as a result have been going to physical therapy to help with the whiplash injuries I suffered. As part of my therapy I have been getting some tissue massage to help loosen up my muscles in my lower back and neck and shoulder muscles. And oh my! It seems to be helping me tremendously! My twitches have lessened quite a bit. I was having finger twitches like crazy and also a lot of tremors in my hands. All of this has died down an extreme amount. I'm not sure if it's all related to the tissue work or if it's a combination of that and the fact that I'm not so stressed out. My PT is also giving me exercises to do to start working on proper body mechanics. I have been so sore for over a year now that I have been really screwing up my muscles by not using them properly(to protect myself from the pain).

Besides being diagnosed with BFS by my neurologist, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in February of this year by a rhuemitologist. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that it might be worth it to try massage therapy to see if it helps, I know I feel so much better!

Anyone else out there have a similar experience of their twitches getting better after massage therapy? I'm kind of curious to see. Do you think there's a correlation or is this just a coincidence?

Thanks again everyone!

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Postby Nole on May 23rd, 2003, 5:09 pm

Massage is my therapy and I strongly recommend it. It always calms my twitches for days/weeks and gets me sooooo relaxed. They are great!
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