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Postby Nicky on March 27th, 2003, 2:55 pm

I am a 38 year old male, I lift weights twice a week, play hockey once a week, and run 2.5 miles twice a week. I started twitching in my calves in September 2002. The funny part is that I noticed the twitching only after reading about the symptoms of ALS. I had a burning in my neck and starting looking on the web to see what could be causing it. I stumbled across pinched nerve, then one link lead to another, then eventually ALS (not that ALS and a burning in the neck are in any way related, you know how one link can lead to another on the web!). Eventually I got obsessed with the twitching as it started to become more frequent and spread. Now, 6 months later, I am still as strong as I was (weight lifting wise) before my ALS scare, but I'm still obsessed. Also, I am definitely a hypochondriac, and go to counseling for it. The worst twitching now is in the fleshy part of the top of my hand, between my thumb and fore finger. I now constantly check for weakness and atrophy. My hands feel strong, but do tend to get sore after using them (hockey, brushing my teeth for a long time). But I can lift and hold as much weight as I always did. I twitch from time to time all over, including my chin and forehead. Sometimes a lot, sometimes less. I do admit I definitely have a heightened awareness of it, and notice every single twitch. I'm hoping the fact I have been twitching for six months now, with no weakness, is a sign that I am fine, and only have BFS.
Thanks - Nick
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Postby Renae on April 2nd, 2003, 2:53 pm

Hi there- I have also experienced that twitching in my hand in the same area. I have even been able to see the muscle move. It's a very freaky thing! And I've also experienced achiness in my hands a lot. I haven't had that happen as much lately, but my symptoms seems to move around my body. The most consistent twitching is probably in my calves...otherwise, I just never know from one minute to the next. I'm certainly no expert...there are others on this site that know much more about all of this stuff, but from what I've read it sounds like you probably do just have a benign thing since you haven't had any weakness and you're able to be so active. Best of luck to you!

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