Is this related to the bcfs or what?

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Is this related to the bcfs or what?

Postby Joanne on January 6th, 2003, 5:50 pm

I too have been having leg pain, in addition to the leg pain and all the other bcfs sx i have.....i also have terrible heartburn...i mean terrible, sometimes it feels like the food doesn't go down right away and is sitting its waiting in line or something
Ok well i went to the doctor today, explained my leg pains, she said my lower back is extremely tight...she said i have muscle spasms in my back, causing pressure on my nerves which run down my leg....OK makes sense.
I expain the heartburn thing, she is ordering a GUI Series, she explained something about the esophagus (spelling) being a muscle and it spasms....and mentioned dysphasia or something or other....she wrote down GERD on her sheet.
So my question to her was could this somehow be related.....muscle spasms and all...she looked at me like i had 5 heads and said...well no...i don't think you have bone cancer or anything..?????? that was not what i was thinking at all....i was thinking something with my muscles.
You probably know i've been stressing about muscle disease etc. so to me when i hear all this spasms going on i worry.
So i quess my question would be do you think this could be related to the bcfs or is it just all different things????? ofcourse when i look it up on the internet it says the dysphagia could be caused by GERD or neuromuscular problems.....i am freaking out because that is what i am worried about.
Thanks for any input.
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is this related to bfs or what

Postby kim on January 7th, 2003, 7:56 pm


I am no doctor, but much of what you are describing happens to people with anxiety! Go to just about any anxiety forum ( is a good one.) and you'll see what I mean. Each symptom you describe is one associated with stress. Also, as many of us BFSer's can atest to, is that most of us suffer with (or have suffered) anxiety, and this probably brought us to our current condition, or a least had a hand in it.

The sooner you accept that this is not a fatal disease, and you calm yourself, I will bet the bfs slows, and many of your other symptoms will subside too!

Just my theory. But I was once very physically ill due to stress, and once I listened to the Dr.'s and found this site, and accepted this condition for what it was, my life is so much better, and I feel really good most of the time. An occasional twitch here and there, but overall, not bad at all!

I hope you can say the same soon too!

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Postby Jen on January 12th, 2003, 1:44 am

Joanne, I 've been diagnosed with BCFS (versus BFS) because of all of the muscle cramping that I experience. I've had the GERD problem and a few other problems because of the cramping as well. I've will get terrible stomach cramps, esophogeal (sp) cramps, etc. For me, I feel confident that this is all related to BCFS. My doctor prescribed Flexeril for me, which calms down the cramping considerably. As for the GERD and stomach problems, the cramping doesn't help, but the cause for me could also be from lactose intollerance and a tummy that just doesn't tolerate harsh medicines. My dr prescribed Protonix for the GERD, and it's helped a lot!
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