Another round of symptoms

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Another round of symptoms

Postby Joanne on December 26th, 2002, 8:03 pm

Just thought i'd post my current sx in the this life of BCFS. This past week my leg muscles have been feeling really crappy!. They just feel sick. What i mean is they feel tired and achey. I get tired just walking up the stairs. Once i reach the top my legs feel like i have just had a work out. Its like my legs have the flu but the rest of my body does not.
The twitching in my legs this week as been out of control. Now usually the leg twitches are very mild and i hardly notice them, this week my butt has even been twitching like crazy......I think i am in sync with the blinking lights on the xmas tree :)
I am starting to fear that maybe there is something other than bfs going on....i don't think it is ALS but maybe something else related to the muscles :(
What i have noticed is this bcfs goes in cycles....a few weeks ago i posted about how my hands felt really wierd and before that i had those horrible finger twitches, both have i guess i am on to the legs...
It is wierd. I think i will restart a journal on my sx and see if i see a cycle or pattern.
Well thanks for listening....please, I would love to hear from other who have the same sx.
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Postby Arron on December 27th, 2002, 12:39 pm

I get "rubbery" legs from time to time and it is very common for me to get fatigue in my legs where they'll shake and tremor after strenuous use, even with short periods of mild use sometimes. It is probably something similar to what you are experiencing and part of the whole "exercise intolerance" thing.

In the past, I have had my left arm get so weak that I couldn't hold it on the steering wheel when I drove. I had to just let it hang betwen the door and the seat. This lasted about 3 weeks. Some days a bit better than other's, but all in all, it came and went over a 3 week span. This has happened to me twice so far, I had that achy, flu like feeling you get in your muscles too when my left arm thing would happen. It was mainly my left forearm area that felt the strangest. I still get the rubbery legs pretty often and always have a "drained" feeling and need a real kick in the butt to get moving sometimes.
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Another round of symptoms

Postby Rich Longer on December 30th, 2002, 2:57 am

I have had the same sort of thing for about two and a half months - not just after exercise but also pains in joints and muscles at rest. I also get tender spots in the muscles and two weeks ago had bruising around my elbow. This is more of a problem now for me than the twitches which have definately reduced.

I would also be interested to hear how many others have this sort of symptoms
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Postby Jen on January 1st, 2003, 3:49 pm

I get that same "Flu-like" feeling in my muscles too. It does seem to come and go in cycles, along with the twitching and other symptoms. It gets really bad if I'm tired. When I sense that achy-feeling coming on, I get up and move and stretch. I'll shake out my hands and legs. It seems to work in the short-term.
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