Okay, here is where I'm at- someone please!!!

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Okay, here is where I'm at- someone please!!!

Postby Scaredlin on March 2nd, 2014, 7:32 pm

..... entertain another set of ridiculous newbie questions. I know I have been posting a lot lately, thanks for your responses.

Again, twitching 2 months, clean EMG (limbs, spinal, bulbar, lip).

1. For the past 3 days I have been having a buzzing with a rhythm - 2 seconds on .... break off.... 2 seconds on.... etc. In my left calf muscle. Is that normal to have a pattern? Also, I can't see it. And, it seems to be related somewhat to movement, i.e, if I bend down to change my son's diaper or if I am sitting on a counter and its leaning against a cabinet. Is rhythmic persistent buzzing okay? No twitching in area.

2. For a bit of history, I am not a pure twitcher. I posted a few days ago that I am experiencing muscle cramps and pain body wide. I also came into this with lots of muscle spasm issues in my neck. When I get stressed my shoulders round and creep up to my ears and my back gets super tight. I have now convinced myself that THIS is my UMN sign of spasicity. When the dr's do the clinical test however, they only seem to test legs and arms for this, right? I am concerned that despite the clean EMG, they "missed" this sign (even though I told them I had a stiff neck). I guess the fact that I can still bend and workout and touch the floor with my hands is a good sign?

Why am I doing this to myself? I am picking apart this diagnosis. If it were just twitching I would be okay, but I am IN PAIN everywhere from cramps and spasms here and there and it scares the heck out of me.

Last time I posted a major snow storm was hitting the east...just like now.... must be a pattern for me (from NJ!) Trapped and thinking too much Scaredlin
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Re: Okay, here is where I'm at- someone please!!!

Postby MarioMangler on March 2nd, 2014, 7:57 pm

Just one thing I need to point out to you. -No one- here is a pure twitcher. All newbies think they are the only ones with buzzing, and cramping, and spasms, but those are ridiculously common symptoms when it comes to BFS. To the point that this post won't even get the attention of most old timers because there is nothing here that is even remotely odd going on with you. At least, not odd by BFS standards.

Again, just wanted to point out that -every- newbie think that their symptoms are different and that they will be the one exception, but no one ever is. No one here is a pure twitcher. Everyone thinks "Well if I just twitched I would be okay..." or "Yeah but in my case it's different..." but that ignores the fact that -everyone- here has symptoms on top of twitching. Buzzing, cramping, spasms, the thing where you can feel your pulse, the thing where your tongue burns, weird swallowing issues, there is nothing on that list that hundreds of other people haven't already had before you. And it never turned out to be anything in any of them.

There is actually a term for all of this weirdness. It is called "BFS."

Welcome to the club with the rest of us. :D
1. No, that's not bulbar
2. No, the location doesn't matter
3. Yes, we have all had that symptom
4. No, you're not the exception
5. No, that's not ominous
6. No, you don't need an EMG
7. Yes, you will be fine
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Re: Okay, here is where I'm at- someone please!!!

Postby ShawnW on March 2nd, 2014, 8:01 pm

I hurt in my hands, feet, and I also have had neck spasms as recently as today. If I sneeze my neck can spasm. I just got back from my parents and spoke to my mother about my symptoms...and she was like oh yeah been doing that for years...worse when I'm stressed out. Me-You twitch too? Mom- Oh yes.

Your nervous system is fried. Don't know any other way to put it. And you are frying it more by doing this to yourself. For me, I had to just say to myself "whatever". When it's my time...it's my time. I bought enough life insurance for my family and just put it in God's hands. Then I have been taking care of relaxation. Just got back from a day at a spa in Daytona Beach...deep tissue massage...ate a great meal...hung out by the beach. You HAVE to stop obsessing...and turn it over. You can't control whether you get it by worrying. You have ZERO control over this and the sooner you realize that the better. Acceptance is the key.

My pain that was body wide is now just in my hands and feet. My twitching that was every few seconds is now around about once an hour. While I'm far from cured...I do my best not to stress anymore over things I can't control.
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Re: Okay, here is where I'm at- someone please!!!

Postby Little Lost on March 2nd, 2014, 8:19 pm

Didn't want to read and run, but just to say I get the internal vibrations also. Everywhere but especially upper arm and lower legs and wrists.Most come and go change location, but one in my left leg continuously for 2 years. Mine goes bZZZZZZ For 7seconds on and 3seconds off. Get them everywhere. This was my first symptom of bfs and started before the larger fasciculation. Lots of people on here get them.Some call them internal vibrations, some say it is like having your mobile phone go off in your pocket, others describe it as buzzing limbs. No one else can really see or feel them. I hate when I get them in my torso. Hint if you are trying to visualise them or convince someone they are real, sometimes if you place a filled hot water bottle over the buzzing area, then get the person to touch the bottle, sometimes they can feel or even see them buzzing away. Think the water amplifys the vibrations. Doent work always. Not sure what causes them. My neuro said just a form of deep high frequency twitch.......but seem too regular to me to be fasciculation., also not heartbeat as buzzing is much more rapid, and not shivering or shaking....just buzzing.. So perhaps someone knows what they actually are cause I am not sure sorry. As I said I have had them for years as have lots of people.

Good luck with snowstorm. We are way up in the very north of Scotland, right near the top, it is freezing but no snow yet.

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Re: Okay, here is where I'm at- someone please!!!



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