Finger and elbow twitching and pregnancy

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Finger and elbow twitching and pregnancy

Postby Neecie on February 20th, 2014, 6:44 pm

Hi! I have been twitching for 3 years and have gone down the typical path as my fellow BFS sufferers (panic, anxiety, neurologist, emg, etc). I am finally at a point where I can twitch and not spiral out of control mentally. Although it is a struggle to not panic when something new arises.
And so here I am for reassurance. I am experiencing twitches that are on the top of my hand that make my fingers move uncontrollably. It is aggravating and hard to ignore. Has anyone experienced persistent hand twitches like this? I also can't seem to shake the elbow twitch. 3 months going strong.
Also, has anyone gone through a pregnancy wih BFS? I'm afraid my twitching will worsen and cause more problems, since it all seemed to originate after a stressful pregnancy and delivery.
Thanks in advance:)
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Re: Finger and elbow twitching and pregnancy

Postby DoubleD on February 21st, 2014, 11:04 am

Hi Neecie

Cant help you on the pregnacy questions. sorry :)

I think the elbow twitching and the finger issues are realted. but not dangerous. I get that a lot. You have a bundle of nerves in your shoulder and your elbow that get narrow as they travel thru. If you have a muscle that is twitching by that nerve it can cuase it to get a little flared up. almost like an injury

i have lots of problems with my hands. shaking, cramping, movement..........nothing to be worried about. hands are distal nerves in the body so they tend to be most affected with pain, tingling, twitching.........

I'm afraid my twitching will worsen and cause more problems,

anxiety makes EVERYTHING worse

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Re: Finger and elbow twitching and pregnancy



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