A great rekaxing technique

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A great rekaxing technique

Postby Nole on November 25th, 2002, 12:54 pm

I recently went to a Transformational Breathing workshop and had the most wonderful and inspiring experience. It focuses on getting you to breath correctly and to get out any negative energy in your subconsiuos mind. You breath in the good and breath out the bad. Sounds very funky, I know, but it really did work, you get this wonderful sensation throughout your body and I have never been so relaxed in my life. You have to be very open minded to this type of holistic treatment (its like a form of yoga), but if you want to try and relax this is hte way to go. It has given me so much energy nad I have not twitched since the session. I practice the breathwork as a form of meditation in the morning or evening. Well worth a look into if you suffer from anxiety or want some relief from the twitches (not saying it will cure them but it will relax your body). You have to do this with a breathwork facilitator at first, not easy to do at h ome the first couple of times. Check it out in your area and see what you think. Happy breathing!!
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Postby Arron on November 25th, 2002, 8:35 pm

What I do to relax is pretty simple, a few Valiums washed down with a glass or two of 151 Barcardi and you can't get any more relaxed than that. :shock:

NO, just kidding! I don't really do that and neither should anyone who wants to continue breathing ir living.

I have to agree that trying to relax is a VERY good thing for getting stress and anxiety levels way down. If yoga is your thing, great. If breathing and "cleansing" is your thing, great. If the only thing that helps is meds (used within reason and prescribed by your doctor) then that is fine too. Personally, I would feel too strange and out of place if I went to a relaxation class for breathing, but I am also kind of a big, bad boy and that stuff just doesn't fit "my" style. Don't be afraid to try something like what Nole suggested though, it may surprise you and really do you some good. :wink:
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