BobDownSouth - Two Year Update!

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BobDownSouth - Two Year Update!

Postby BobDownSouth on August 23rd, 2013, 12:54 pm

Bob Down South - Two Year Update

Hello Fellow Fasciculators!

I started twitching in July, 2011. I have not posted here in a while so I thought an update was due to share my experiences and of course get further insights from fellow BFS sufferers.

First, the good news! I'm still walking, talking, eating and on the surface, in general, living normally for someone almost 66 years old.

On the flip side, I twitch all over my body plus I get muscle cramps in weird places from time to time. The worst is in my sternum area (every few months). After a few minutes of steady breathing, the pain subsides but it is scary. Besides that, I have had cramps in legs (most frequent), feet and very rarely arms/hands. Lately. I have a 'buzz-like' feeling in my left ring finger, sort of like when you extend your arms high or far out from body. It however does not last long and some days I don't get that symptom but on other days is more frequent. Muscle action in the finger still feels normal. Any thoughts on this?

On the whole, twitching is worse now than a year ago but not as bad as the 'ants on legs' feeling in fall 2011.

I have not seen my local neurologist in over a year but do see my general practice doctor on a regular basis. One thing I did find out from my cardiologist is that he will not prescribe cholesterol-control medication to individuals who twitch as I do. I'm not sure why. Currently I'm not quite at the levels where I would need such medication but he wants me to watch my diet more closely.

As I said, I'm almost 66. Are there any of you out there close to my age? Based on the pool of experience out there, will this twitching just stay like it is or in some way become life threatening (not sure how)?

Hang in there to all of you suffering neurological issues!

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BobDownSouth - Two Year Update!



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