Experiences with (epidemic) postinfectious fasciculations?

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Experiences with (epidemic) postinfectious fasciculations?

Postby Pagabei on March 29th, 2013, 5:19 pm

Hi there, all around the world!

I am Pagabei from Germany. I am twitching since 3 years now. Starting with abdominal twitches during gastrointestinal infection, then spreading from legs to arms,abdominal and thoracal muscles, face and tongue.

Since 2 years also cramps and diffuse myalgia in upper and lower extremities, tenosynovialits and nodular induration of painful muscles, also arthritis coming and going.

Nearly 1 year after gatrointestinal infection (possibly yersiniosis) , 3 other family members also started twitching during the last 2 years (also shown in EMG).

I am the only one in family with raised immunglobulins and oligoclonal bands in cerebrospinal fluid, but no signs for multiple sclerosis, in blood elevated creatincinase levels especially when cramping and myalgia is strong.

High dose Coricoids worked well against myalgia and little against cramps, but not against widespread fasciculations including tongue, cervical muscles and mimic muscles.

Fasciculations especially high frequent during contraction of muscles, and directly after cramps.

Every 6 Month neurophysiological examinations (including EMG) and neurologist clinical exams show no signs for motorneuron disease, no specific antibody test for autoimmune diseases is significantly positive.

As far, diagnosis for me is postinfectious (autoimmune) cramp-myalgia-fasciculation-syndrome. the other 3 are diagnosed as bfs.

Are there any experiences in the community with two or more cases of fasciculations in family, friends or other groups starting after some kind of infection?

Best wishes to all of you!

Pagabei :D
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Experiences with (epidemic) postinfectious fasciculations?



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