19 y/o in need of some advice

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19 y/o in need of some advice

Postby twitchguy on January 6th, 2013, 3:00 am

I've posted here before but my new major concern is dealing with the leg muscle cramps.
I been having BFS symptoms for the last year and a half since I started university (anxiety triggered) and now the cramps are becoming more of an issue (got formally diagnosed here in Toronto by a neuro a couple of months ago).

Even though anxiety levels are okay, the migratory full body twitching I experience will not abate and what makes this worse are the cramps.
I know it's coming when my feet get cold and tingling starts it my feet and calves. This is then followed by a squeezing sensation from the feet up to the thighs on either side but usually both at the same time. I almost always experience the cramps in the evening and will not be relieved until i wake up the next day; this happens every few days or so. I dot currently take medications and am not interested in that stuff atm (the neuro said it was not necessary as well). I take my vitamins and do not have any known problems in that area.

Any proactive/preventive and/or reactive advice would be appreciated. Also, would a herbal thing like passion flower help potentially?
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Re: 19 y/o in need of some advice

Postby Yuliasir on January 6th, 2013, 3:53 am


in fact you must note that anxious people have specific feature - they somatise stress and at the same time do not accept consciously the fact that they are stressed. I had experienced that so many time that I can say it is really so. I had must probably fybromyalgia flareup on vacations (pains and cramps in every point of my body) which ceased immediately when the plane landed in Kyev, back home! but consciousely I can hardly admit that I am STRESSED BEING ON VACATIONS! My bosy told me that in a very unpleasant way. So we must listen to it if we can not do it in another way :) So it means that pressure is still high on you.
As you are very young, the best way would be to have a good schedule, less gym in favour of things like yoga or other relaxing excersises, swimming is very good for good sleep (and very exhausting :) ), less coffee/chokolate, regular sleep.

herbal producs are good but you also must use it with caution. They could be addictive, can cause allergy or even be dangerous (as St. John wort).

hope you'd be OK soon!
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Re: 19 y/o in need of some advice



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