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To Barb916

Postby mina on August 25th, 2004, 12:00 pm

Hi Barb,

Wow you sound like you have exactly the same symptoms as I do and progressed similarly. I started out with the chest vibrations during sleep and 8 months later the twitching started. And since two days ago, I've been waking up with the vibrations as well. And you're right, as soon as I get up and walk around, I don't feel it. I do have occassional buzzing sensations sometimes during the day but not sure if it's my imagination or not. By the way, does your twitching vary -- like bubbling at times here and there, and sometimes moving (like the ones you get in your eye) also here and there, and at times actually jumping up and down (like on your upper arm)? That's how mine are. The intensity usually varies although mostly I get the "bubbly" ones.

I'm so glad that you had a clean emg. By the way, do you have any
feelings of neck or shoulder strain/stiffness/pain? I feel like my left
upper arm is a little weak but then I have tmj on my left side. I can still do all the lifting and other normal things -- it's just that sometimes I feel like the upper part is "weak". I mentioned it to my doc and she said that's really not "weakness". Weakness means you can't use the arm like the way you used to.

Anyway, thank you for your post. I have we can keep in touch.
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