Foot Problems

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Foot Problems

Postby Cardu on December 4th, 2006, 6:51 pm

Hi all. I've been complaining about foot problems for a while now. To refresh your memory:
Middle toes feel crippled
Toes have pain (not severe)
Toes feel wet at times
Now pain in my ankle
Mild pain in my arch

EMG said that I had "fasciculation potentials in the Abductor Hallucis"
Said that the "superficial peroneal sensory response was somewhat low compared to the sureal, but this was probably technical"

Said I have a benign cramp-fasciculation syndrome.

Ok, my sock was really bothering me so I took it off. I have a bruise right where my origional foot problems started. It's right down from my baby toe, where the foot dr said I have a bunyon. He gave me a shot in my foot in August. And by the way, I see no bunyon.

I am wondering if I could have an ingury of some kind in my foot. I don't remember hurting it, but why the bruise? I am calling an ortho dr tomorrow.

Any comments?
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Foot Problems



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