Why do we do that

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Why do we do that

Postby KERRI on June 18th, 2003, 7:23 pm

I do not know why I typed that word in "twitch" and than it came up with fasciculation and then ALS and before you knew it my entire stinken body twitched. Then I had a normal emg and did not twitch for a whlie and then I got sick and twitched again and freaked again.

My fiance threatend to disconnect the cable motem. Yes, it was that bad, all night long on the computer researching, finding good things, bad things being happy, sad, happy, sad.

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Postby reneeintx on June 18th, 2003, 8:14 pm

Hey Kerri,

Six months ago I was a normal person, meaning I had a life without being in front of a computer screen. I typed in the word twitch also and it was downhill from there. There were other conditions that involved twitching, but I focused on the worst of all. I stayed on the computer day after day, night after night till my eyeballs almost fell out.

I would fight with my kids for computer time. They wanted to play computer games but my fingers were glued to the keyboard.

We had to put an alarm by the computer to give every body equal time. Sometimes I couldn't sleep thinking about all this so I'd get up at night and start my searching. I made this endless searching my full-time job.

------------->fast forward to now...I am better about staying off the computer so much. I realized I had other things in life better to do, then torture myself.

I must say, I think my butt is flatter then it used to be, so excersise is something I do more of these days. :mrgreen:

Take care,

Renee :)
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