New here. I'd like to share my story. Long.

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New here. I'd like to share my story. Long.

Postby ck'smama on April 14th, 2003, 1:00 pm

First off I would like to say what a wonderful site this is! Funny how since I found it and read a bit my twitches have calmed down. :wink:

Anyway, I have not been officially diagnosed with anything yet, my appointment with the doctor is Friday, but here is my story thus far. Maybe it will sound familiar to some.

First off I am 19 years old and I have a 12 month old son. My health hasn’t been the best since the birth of my son and I have been to the doctors a number of times in the past 12 months being tested for MS, Lupus, arthritis, etc. I have anxiety and I am a hypochondriac which makes my health suffer all the more because I have a new disease every month. Thing were pretty good as far as symptoms go for while. I changed my whole attitude on health and went for a natural approach, changed my diet and most of my symptoms subsided. My stress and anxiety level was down for a while as well.

Then came an extremely stressful time for me, this was 3 months ago. On top of extreme emotional stress I was also physically stressed. I had started my first period since my son was born, I had a nasty case of mastitis (breast infection during nursing) with a fever of 102, and I admit I wasn’t being faithful with my diet and vitamins at the time so my son was obviously getting whatever vitamins I had in me first, probably depleting a lot of my stores. 2 weeks after the ordeal I began having myoclonic jolts. The only time they subside is during my period. Then last month the jolts did get better but were replaced by twitching. First a twitch here and there in my calves, then my eyelid, then my feet and so on. Also I get the pins and needles thing every now and then.

I ignored it for a while assuming I was calcium deficient due to breastfeeding but then the possibility of ALS struck. I know, haven’t we all been through that :) so I got on the net to research (bug mistake) and convinced myself that I has ALS. Very rare considering I am only 19, and ever rarer than I have twitches in absence of significant weakness. But that didn’t help me, I still believed I had ALS.

Now I carry my 26 pound son around all day, so of course my arms and legs get tired, so that must be ALS, right? :roll:

Plus for the majority of the last 11 months I was pretty sedentary. I live in Maine and the winter was cold, so for the most part my son and I sat around all day and I didn’t get much exercise. Now that it warm out I have become active and my lazy muscles just aren’t use to it. That makes sense right? Maybe, but I still convince myself that I have this terrible, rare disease that will kill me in a few years. So of course my anxiety level is through the roof worsening my symptoms thus leaving me convinced that I have this ALS. :( It is an evil, vicious cycle! I know that it is so unlikely that I have ALS, but the fear is still there, you know?

So I guess I will wait until Friday, and hopefully, most likely, I will find out I am fine. This website has really been a godsend for me though, very reassuring. Thank you!
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Postby Jenn311 on April 14th, 2003, 2:28 pm

Hey Ck's Mama...

Welcome to the forum...I am pretty new to this site, but I have been twitching for almost 5 yrs. off and on...You need to understand that you are under a LOT of stress...anyone with a young child can relate. I have the same problem with you in that I carry around my fat baby (he's almost two and spoiled rotten!) and my arms and knees feel weak once I put him takes a while for them to feel normal again.
Mastitis, too,eh? I had puts a real strain on your system as well. Most people don't realize what a potentially life threatning ailment that is, like pneumonia or kidney your body has been through a lot. Plus I bet you aren't sleeping worth a darn, are you?...And if you are just beginning to menstrate again...there's another huge hormonal change in your body. And not to mention what a strain on the body breast feeding is! Lord have mercy!
So you are also anxious about your health...all the time. That would be almost all of us here...just read the posts in the archives about stress.
But here is the good are fine. Under stress and anxious, which means you are getting tense...and your muscles are reacting by twitching....If you have weaned the baby or if you are planning on weaning him/her soon, then maybe ask your doc about some psychotropic anti-anxiety or anti-depressants. Going for a walk everyday might help you sleep better and improve your anxiety as well.
Hope this helps put things in perspective...
Jen :D
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You two Mamma's

Postby reneeintx on April 14th, 2003, 3:54 pm

You sound like me 17 years ago. When I had my son my thoughts raced thinking my gosh I can die and this little baby won't have a mother. I got so depressed :( I don't why this happens but I think our hormones go wacky after giving birth. Our bodies prepared for this event for nine months then POOF out comes the baby(not that easily though :wink: ) and our bodies go chaotic.

I think it should be mandatory that every mom after giving birth should be seen by a endocrinologist. I believe my thyroid started screwing up then. I felt depressed, lathargic, headaches, anxiety. 17 years ago people just told me to BUCK UP. They made me think I was a nut case because I didn't adjust to motherhood from day one. I eventually got into the groove in a couple of months but at month three GUESS what!! I was pregnant again. Yes girls, dummy me had a 3 month old and was again with child.

I don't think my thyroid ever recovered. My thyroid swings from hypo-hyper... I'm on medication's that forever change.

You both made me go back in time reading your posts.

Renee :)
*BTW carrying around a baby is like packing a concrete block around all day! :wink:

CK's momma I don't believe you have ALS. I think anxiety has taken over. I hope your doc can alleviate your fears.
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Postby ck'smama on April 15th, 2003, 6:30 pm

Actually my son is probably last on my list of stresses. He sleeps with me so he sleeps well. I have gotten at least a full 9 hours of sleep since he was born (I know, everyone is jealous! :)) I am still nursing him now and I plan to for at least another year, so any sort of meds are out of the question. I don’t believe in medication for the most part anyway. I do plan to start therapy soon though for my anxeity. Plus I’d like to get into some relaxion techniques and maybe stay yoga or something.

It is warm here now and we have been going out. I took my son to the beach today and had a great time, the twicthing hasn’t been so bad today. My chiropractor has also been a huge help.

About the mastitis, the whole ordeal was so quick. My mother was sick with something or another, kissed my baby on his mouth :shock: And then I nursed him not long after, not really thinking about it. Well, within 4 hours I had a huge painful lump in my breast, then my temperature shot up to 102 from 98.5 within 20 minutes. I took about 3 showers, nursed and massaged my breast like crazy and within an hour the fever was gone and I felt better. The lump was completely gone the next day. I can only imagine the stress my body went through fight the infection off so fast. I know they say BFS can start after a viral infection so I am think that was it, or at least was a big contributor.

Anyway, Now I am feeling pretty strongly that this isn’t a serious thing I have, I just have to keep telling myself that until it is confimed:) Thanks for the support you ladies have given, it is much appreciated.
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