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Postby whatnext on October 12th, 2004, 1:33 pm

After my clean emg last Thursday I felt as though a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. Friday afternoon, I did something that I'd not done since May. I went "casual shopping" at three or four different stores. That may not sound like anything big, but my anxiety literally kept me inside most of the summer. I only went out for very specific things (e.g. food) and did no casual shopping at all. I felt like a new person Friday and have the credit card receipts to prove it! :)

I spent all day Saturday doing what I usually do on the 4th of July -- cleaning out the garage! My anxiety had other plans this summer so it didn't get done. I was on my feet A LOT Friday and Saturday and I think that accounts for some of the fatigue I've experienced since then.

I continue my evening walking and I'm easily doing 2 miles a night now. That too may not sound like much, but it's a major milestone for me. I've noticed some leg fatigue for the past couple of days but interestingly enough, walking seems to ease both that and the slight shakiness I get in my ankles. Anyone else experience this?

I may be imagining things, but I think I'm finally beginning to see some visible indications of the light weight lifting I've been doing. My right arm seems a little more defined. I'm now using 10 lb weights rather than 5 lb weights and plan to progress to heavier ones. Don't laugh at the relatively small weights. I'm going for conditioning and light toning, not Mr. Universe. :)

My appetite is picking up too. According to my bathroom scale, I've gained 2-4 lbs (the precise number is difficult to tell on an analog dial) over the past week. This alone greatly encourages me because sick bodies just can't gain weight. Even though I've been battling a cold since Friday, my appetite has been good and I think that's due partly to my decreased anxiety and partly to my determination to keep exercising and walking.

I'm still twitching, mostly in my calves and mostly while sitting or lying down. Now and then I'll feel a twitch while standing. I've also noticed moderate transient twitching in my buttocks and thighs. Again, the clean emg and neuro exams greatly reassure me that it's just bfs and nothing more (well, perhaps the Zoloft but I started twitching a week before starting Zoloft). My "incomplete yawns" seem to feel more normal now. LeeNC, how about your yanws? Still feel funny?

Assuming she doesn't call in sick again, I have a final consultation with my neuro PA on Thursday afternoon. I assume she wants to present all the recent test findings even though I already know the individual results through my GP and the neuro who did the emg. I want the final closure and I also want to ask her some very specific questions about bfs. I definitely want to mention the tongue thing too for her opinion.

I welcome advice and suggestions.
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Re: update

Postby LeeNC on October 12th, 2004, 7:45 pm

A good, positive update from ya, whatnext!

I did some garage cleaning this weekend, too, but there's nothing really to show for it. Got rid of an oil-leaking car over a year ago, so I scraped up a pound or two of black gunk from the garage floor. Whee.

Thanks for asking about the funny yawns. Can't tell whether to blame BFS or Zoloft for them, but they continue for me. I think the funny yawns are due to BFS, though, as my body feels generally hyper-reactive.

Great, too, that you are about to get closure on your medical stuff - for now, which is all we can hope for once we've gotten out of our 20's. No surprise that the docs are sick. Between an academic competition and a sleepover I helped with this weekend, we had 4 sick kids (possible strep, 2 barfers, and a sore throat).

Sounds like the tongue thing is a non-issue for folks who appear to have "typical" BFS. Don't worry, be happy, and shop til your credit card melts!

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Postby Barb916 on October 12th, 2004, 11:37 pm

Great to hear your days are getting back to "normal". I'm not there yet but I'm trying!

Keep up the positive attitude, walking and of course........the SHOPPING!

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