How BFS started with me

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How BFS started with me

Postby mom of 2 on September 29th, 2004, 2:36 pm

My twitches started on Sept 6, 2003. They may have started sooner than that, but that is the first time I remember looking up my symptoms. At the beginning of my BFS symptoms, I was living with my parents at their home, my husband and 2 children. We were in the process of building a home, and staying on a budget.... so, needless to say, I was stressed out..pretty much on a daily basis.. but I got through it.. over a year later, I still twitch, sometimes very little, but most times a lot.. I don't really notice the twitching anymore, unless it's in my finger or neck.. I hate those twitches. Thanks for all the reassuring articles on this website.. they have truly helped me get through all of this.. I too thought of ALS, and I'm only 29 years old.. not only.. but you know what I mean.. right?? I mentioned the whole twitch thing to my doctor in May of this year, and she wasn't concerned at all.. She diagnosed me with General Anxiety Disorder, and gave me some effexor, which I still haven't started, because I begin to worry about the side effects.. It's a never ending cycle with me. So, to make a long story short, yes I twitch, and I KNOW that I'm gonig to be okay.. :P
mom of 2
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Postby Debbs on September 29th, 2004, 8:32 pm

Mom of 2 thankyou for sharing with us and welcome to the forum :D . MY neuro diagnosed GAD as well, that was a few years back now, I followed his instructions and took ssri's and today I am twitch free. You have a good attitude toward your symptoms and thats awesome, you were leaps ahead of me, the major problem with BFS is teaching your mind that there is nothing actually wrong even tho symptoms seem to overwhelm us. I think your good confession is a huge advantage and your positive attitude a definate bonus to getting thru this very quickly.

Take care

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