10 year check in

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10 year check in

Postby paulzeee on August 14th, 2017, 9:18 pm

Hey all just Paulzeee here with my annual check in, some of the old timers may remember me, to all the new people here a big hello.

I came here 10 years ago because I was twitching, had numbness etc. I was scared, like most of us are when this comes about, so I spent a lot of time here. I got in to see a neuro, he did some tests, stuck some big needles in me, and told me it was benign, at that point I stopped hanging around here because I knew I had to leave my fear behind and get on with things. But I come around once a year for all the new folks and the old timers, to let everyone know I still twitch, daily, and I am still alive and relatively strong. Since I first started to twitch I have faced many ups and downs. In the past year.

I have started a fishing business in addition to my manufacturing business
We are still recovering financially from a major downturn in our manufacturing business in Alberta
We moved and are working to get our autistic son into a public school
Life is great

Still twitching, 10 years now, mostly upper body, abs are twitching as I write this.

Hang in all, see you next year!

Edado if you're still checking in hello my friend.
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10 year check in



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