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This forum is for posting your personal experiences with BFS: symptoms, doctor visits, fears, etc.

Please use this forum to post give and recieve encoragement and reassurance from sharing the trials and triumphs you have faced.

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Postby mina on August 27th, 2004, 6:07 pm


Congrats on your clean EMG!! I am happy for you...!

For some reason, I feel really weak especially - my left arm since this
morning. Just really fatigued. I'm not sure if it's the EMG I had yesterday or if it's because I've been stressed all week about my twitching. What do you think?

How do you feel physically after the EMG?

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Postby Ava on August 30th, 2004, 11:28 am

Hi Mina,

I had a really weird week, but not related to the emg. Two days before the emg, I through my back out carrying a super heavy cooler to a swim party - I had to walk down hill with the darn thing and back up the hill. Then, the night of the emg, I came down with a horrible tooth ache and a fever and ended up getting a root canal on Fri. am. I think because all of these painful things were happening, I didn't pay attention to any emg related discomfort.

I can say this though. The emg I got at UCSF was painful compared to the first one the local neuro gave me (just of my calf). The doctor really moved the needle around and it hurt when it was near a nerve. She did one in each of the pads under my thumbs and this was sore for a few days.

I feel so different now, really relieved and okay when I twitch. My exam really made me feel like my old self, more care free and happy again. I remember your worried post about being a single mom and having kids - isn't it a relief to move past the fear as a parent? This was a big one for me, kind of clouding all my moments until I knew I was okay.

I hope you are feeling well and doing well. Take Care.

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