NEW TO THE SITE - My experience at 16 years old.

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NEW TO THE SITE - My experience at 16 years old.

Postby worrier98 on October 18th, 2014, 6:14 pm

Hi guys, so I've been reading this website for a while now and have finally got round to making an account so I can hopefully get some advice! This is my story.

Back in January of this year I witnessed one of my really close friends have a seizure at school (I'm 16), this really frightened me and ever since I have been suffering with terrible anxiety, panic attacks... and twitching. I have always been a bit of a hypochondriac but never before on this level after I saw my friend!

So I started getting extremely anxious and at one point refused to go to school out of fear that she was going to have another seizure or that I was going to have one myself which I know is an irrational fear as I have never had one before and no one in my family is epileptic or anything so there is such a tiny chance that I will. As for my friend, she has cerebral polsey (sorry about spelling) and had a stroke and fits as a baby so she obviously is prone to having them although she isn't epileptic. Around this time I started to experience little twitches all over my body which just made my fear of epilepsy even worse! They weren't strong enough to jerk a limb but I could see them under my skin and could sometimes be very strong! They can twitch just once or go on for about 30 seconds, the longest time I've had one in the same place is just below my left eye which went on and off for a good few hours, it was extremely irritating.

Basically these twitches are still happening everyday (all over my body jumping from one place to the next and can be very powerful or sometimes just feel like a fluttering under the skin) along with tingling and cramping all over my body. I've been to see about 6 different doctors over it who at first linked it with my anxiety and are now just saying that they are fasiculations and that I'm someone who notices them more than others even after me insisting on how strong they are and are causing me so much anxiety! They won't refer me to a neurologist, I've had blood tests, had my eyes tested and whilst seeing my GP some kind of brain test which just involved me walking in a straight line and pushing and pulling of things etc. These have all come back fine and I'm a healthy girl but the twitching is starting to drive me crazy!

I found out about BFS and am beginning to think it's what's causing my twitches, although I haven't been officially diagnosed, is this what it is? Does anyone have any tips on how to lessen them? I'm really struggling here!

Thanks guys :)
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Re: NEW TO THE SITE - My experience at 16 years old.

Postby Yuliasir on October 19th, 2014, 12:01 am

Hi dear,
welcome to the community :) Your story is very typical. I had seen people in seizures when I was about of your age, and I must admit it is really a frgihtening experience. If it comes to your friend, it must be even more frightening. SO you had got what is called sometimes 'essential fear'. Usually it is an experience of death or serious life threateninng disease in a nearby circle. So it is very normal to fear that this may happen to you, if you are sensitive person.
it is also absolutely normal to have stress reaction like yours - anxiety, increased self-awareness etc. All people twitch, but only we anxious people note this and give a specific value to this twitching. You may see here on board, that there are at least three various diseases to which people are attributing absolutely the same twithcing and cramps - and maybe this will also help you to understand what the situation is.

Usually fears will calm down with the time. If you have somebody 'at hand' to speak about those fears, it would be a great help. If you have a psychologist in school, it might be a right person. Your GP and other doctors are absolutely right in terms you do not need neurologist as this is not neurological but psychological problem. So it should be a right specialist to see if you feel you need a medical or professional help. As the rest of program, time is the healer, and you may need a few weeks of good undisturbed sleep to get some relief.
Just remember you have natural stress reaction to an essential fear. There is no shame in it and nothing improper. You had loooked into abyss a bit because person in a 'grand mal' (big seizure attack) is really badly severed from its personality and this is really hard to see. I must admit however with the time if you see it more than twice it becomes easier and you even would be able to help.
Wish your friend to recover as much as possible.
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Re: NEW TO THE SITE - My experience at 16 years old.



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