EMG after spinal surgery, also BFS patient

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EMG after spinal surgery, also BFS patient

Postby jcmommie on September 1st, 2014, 11:58 am

Hi everyone & Happy Labor Day,

I wanted to post some general results of an EMG I recently had, maybe as a point of reassurance for those twitching.

I had a freak-out period in May, where I had a CPK of 251 & new spreading fasics. When my CPK was checked 3 wks. later it was 150 or so. As a caveat, I do have abnormal EMG findings in my left foot, lower leg, specifically chronic motor denervation with MRI/lumbar spine abnormalities in which I had an L5-S1 fusion in Sept. of 2013. The surgery did not solve my issues (well, maybe slightly took the burning and vice-grip pain down a notch in my foot.) I still have weakness in half my toes & can't walk on my heel on that side. And consistent twitching especially in the arch and instep.

So, even having more widespread twitching everywhere, all extremities, also abdomen and back, my EMG is benign other than what is stated above. I don't ever get results to analyze the particulars. For me, I think doing so just increases anxiety in the nuances of the report. My neuro said, "looks good. I'm actually surprised how good your left leg looks post-surgery." The EMG was in both lower extremities and left upper extremity. (requested this because I get fasics on this side more often, & sometimes my left thumb feels fatigued.)

I asked again about the widespread fasics I get. Not there during the EMG, btw, of course! "Benign, as usual," he says.

I asked him to check my paraspinals since I have been getting increased fasics in my back, everywhere, and abdomen. I only showed denervation around my surgical incision site, which was attributed to scar tissue formation from surgery. He told me this may resolve or not, but it isn't clinically sinister.

Obviously, I have other disease processes in my wheelhouse, but it's important to say that BFS doesn't exist in a vacuum. You can have BFS, and have other things too. It is comforting to know that with all this *beep* twitching I have daily & in lots of areas, that nothing was of concern on my EMG.

I'm high-anxiety, that is something I will forever be working on. But for now, things feel pretty good! :D
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Re: EMG after spinal surgery, also BFS patient

Postby veryworried123 on September 1st, 2014, 12:44 pm

Thanks for the note
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Re: EMG after spinal surgery, also BFS patient



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