Solution for all my problems found?

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Solution for all my problems found?

Postby German2 on May 9th, 2014, 1:37 pm

Hi there!
it seems that I have found my personal reason for my fasciculations and all my sensitive problems and muscle decline, and swallowing problems and thousands of other symptoms.
Since I knew that it cannot be any neuro muscle desease (approved by several neuro experts) I did not give up.

Today it has payed off:

A Hashimoto (Thyroid desease) has been approved by a new GP I visited for the first time. Furthermore I have a positive neuro Borreliose titer and a positive Ebstein Bar Virus Titer..One reason would be enough to cause several symptoms. After almost 1 and a half year in hospitals, breakdown, and more problems, it seems now to be light at the end of the tunnel...I am still unsecure...Is that really possible? My borreliose titer was testet more than once (though I have heard that a certain lab should be selected to have a valid answer). Eppstein Bar was never testet before as far as I know..And my Hashi was described as subclinical before...though my new doctor figured out that it is three times bigger than normal...Why did nobody found that before...I am somewhat astonished.
I had never the diagnosis "BFS" but Somatic disorder. Which means psychological. And now it seems everything else than that. Even my Leukos went high now...

I am somehow very disappointed about most of the doctors I have visited before. The one more was the best I have ever met before. He is a GP and of course I do not questioning the very good neuros I visited. The outcome was just not part or their area. Now I have to visit a neuro again to help me with the neuro Borreliose.

That is my very personal story with fasciculations. It did not end yet and I will still visit this forum.

I wish you a good weekend!
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Solution for all my problems found?



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