Running and BFS

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Running and BFS

Postby bobajojo on February 16th, 2014, 5:08 pm

So, I've been training for the Boston Marathon and I'm up to 40 miles per week. I am twitching my ass off! Here is what is going on:

* My tongue is twitching off the charts. Pops, flickers, flutters, and machine gun twitches on all sides.
* BOTH biceps are twitching hotspots for weeks. I can just sit and watch the both firing away.
* My abdomen is twitching way more than normal
* My left testicle has been firing nonstop since mid-November (3 months)

I've been running up to 17 miles at a time and I think its really fueling the twitching (I think). I found a doctor describe it this way:

* Long workouts cause lactic acid (or actually, lactate) to build up, causing lack of oxygen. Dr. Plancher adds, “This alters the way the muscles contract as well, possibly causing twitching.”
* Lactate is a good thing: It promotes fat burning by initiating a chain reaction that leads to a spike in growth hormone production. Growth hormone burns fat!
* So next time your muscles are twitching after exercise, remind yourself that this means you probably worked out hard enough to ignite some post-exercise fat burning. And that’s always a great result.

Its weird that my running has seemingly caused my upper arms to twitch relentlessly but I do pump my arms with every step so I guess that could explain it. Just wanted to post my experience. My neuro actually thought the running would decrease my twitching but I have not been that lucky.

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Re: Running and BFS

Postby veryworried123 on February 16th, 2014, 7:43 pm

I've been told by a top sports medicine dr that it's balance act between how much exercise to reduce anxiety and how much exercise will cause more twitches

I'll tore my meniscous 5 weeks ago and didnt do much in terms of exercise
It felt this was the same time my twitches decrease but who the *beep* knows anymore

I do find the more I worked out the more I twitch or so I think

I was also told to test your max cpk and then your normal cpk
Meaning you run to 90% you max hb or 18miles will more than do it and go get a cpk right away or a few hours after
Then do nothing for 3-4 days an take it again

This will help determine your exercise tolerance, any muscle dieases and your recovery time as well as your exercise regim

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Re: Running and BFS

Postby TwitchyDoc on February 19th, 2014, 7:22 am

Interesting, I have similar experience that running actually does not do much to my legs but my back and arms are twitching more.
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Re: Running and BFS



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