'hyperactive' face

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'hyperactive' face

Postby greenmermaid on February 14th, 2014, 3:00 am

i have posted here in the past, and I'm back cos my face is causing me anxiety the past week again (I've had this same experience before but this time it's been almost constant for 5 days).

i was dx with BFS a couple years back (no EMG) and have the classic twitches all over both calves most the time (doesn't worry me at all) and sometimes I'll have a finger or toe twitch, sometimes vibrations in my thighs and back - none of this concerns me anymore as it's not noticeable to others, and it isn't painful. I know it's BFS.

I don't know if what I experience on my face is BFS tho. Occasionally I'll have an actual twitch on my lip or eye or near my nose and I'm ok with that cos it's like the other twitches I get.

But I also get (not related to the face twitches, as in they don't happen at the same time) the following:

Tight, itchy feeling in my face muscles - literally all day.- some days it's the forehead, some days it's the area around my mouth and nose. It's not the skin that itches it's the muscles / nerves under the skin
The tight feeling sometimes 'freezes' my face mid-expression
Facial hyperactivity (explained below)

When I get the stiff and itchy sensations, I start compulsively moving my face - it's like my face gets hyperactive... i will click my jaw back and forth, repeatedly raise my eyebrows, move my lips, bite them - all of these are small movements but repeated constantly in no set order... the more I do this (which is *almost* but not quite impossible to stop) the sensations of itching gets worse and then I do it more. I have tried to analyze what's going on - i think the sensations are uncomfortable and that my moving my face is an attempt to stop the sensations. I also touch my face and lips frequently to try disguise the movements. The weird thing is no one seems to notice me doing these things - even my family members that I've asked about it - they can see i'm nervous or anxious but it FEELS like I'm totally spazzing out and to them it's just - wow she's a bit jittery today. This whole cycle triggers panic attacks often. At work or in social situations or even at home with my husband and son I keep going into the bathroom to try calm myself and my face down. I use sensory tricks like face masks (when home), face creams, tight headbands and caps - anything to try stop the sensations and associated movements. I feel like I'm going crazy!

To add - certain things can trigger this (tho it can also come out of nowhere) - Triggers are wind on the face, cold water (like when I swim) or even when I get 'shivers' from a beautiful song... all of these are things I used to love so it kind of sucks that they can trigger such an unpleasant experience).

In between these days when everything calms down I am happy, calm, fun to be around. Even during these bad episodes I manage to do my work (tho I do avoid social interactions while it's bad because I am so self conscious). And at these 'normal' times the triggers above don't affect me.

I am trying to keep calm & to keep my sense of humour - it's not even like I know what I'm afraid of as I can't find anyone online anywhere who seems to have this - it doesn't fit dystonia experiences (I've read tons of sites about that and watched youtube videos and they are very different) and it's not a tic cos there are too many different movements and the associated sensory feelings. I thought perhaps I was causing it from hyperventilating (one neurologist suggested that) but I've done the breathing exercises for chronic hyperventilation for months and there is no difference.

I've experienced this face stuff for almost 3 years now (periodically)

Any thoughts?
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Re: 'hyperactive' face

Postby ShawnW on February 14th, 2014, 7:54 am

These are most likely anxiety induced. I get more attenuated symptoms like these...tight jaw, tight mouth, problems with articulation, twitching of my eye lids, burning mouth, dry mouth. It appears your symptoms are just a little further advanced than my own. You can look up these symptoms at the anxietycentre and they are there under possible anxiety symptoms. Fight or flight hormones when not used up either fighting or fleeing create symptoms. I could rattle off hundreds of symptoms but lets just say yours are included. Have you spoken with a good counselor who understands health anxiety? Sounds like it would be a good investment in your time and money. I would treat this like an anxiety disorder through counseling. With that said, it's always a good idea to have your doc give you a once over...do a basic neuro exam on you. Hope that helps.
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Re: 'hyperactive' face



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