Can Lipitor produce BFS ?

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Can Lipitor produce BFS ?

Postby Jimbene on July 31st, 2013, 2:33 pm

Here is my story.

I am 74 years old tomorrow. In 2007 I had heart valve replacement and reluctantly began 10 Mg Lipitor, subsequently, due to coronary plaque found in connection to tests for the surgery.
I got over surgery fine, but after about 10 months noticed a constant dull ache in my torso, all around my torso. Mild, but always there and getting progressively stronger.
I mentioned it to my cardiologist and he threw out Lipitor as one possible source. I went home, googled Lipitor side effects and bingo! immediately stopped Lipitor. The very next day after I stopped, the ache was 80% better, but never got back to 100% better. I continued CoEnzyme Q10 as part of my long term supplement program.

I became sensitive to heavy lifting like loading bags of topsoil into my truck and gym work outs that put stress on my chest made me ill. I occasionally noticed slight calf muscle twitches but paid no attention to them. Last October, I developed fairly heavy fasciculations in both calf muscles. Also developed tender, burning sensations in bottom of feet and palms of my hands.
Symptoms are much more noticeable in the early AM before getting out of bed.

My family doctor and subsequent neurologist did lots of tests and concluded BFS. My muscle mass remains good.
I had been a vegan after my surgery and I went back to regular meat diet after this experience but it appears to be unrelated to symptoms.

I was avid bike rider and faithful gym work out guy for past 25 years. I have cut way back on these and really watch work outs of chest muscles.
Caffeine definitely makes me ill as does any alcohol, so I dropped both to zero. Many days I feel quite good. Some days I feel fair.

I strongly suspect Lipitor damaged something in my muscles and/or nervous system.

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Re: Can Lipitor produce BFS ?

Postby garym on July 31st, 2013, 3:19 pm

Hi Jimbo,

I would guess that lipitor could have damaged something in your muscles/nerves. The one thing about drugs is that they can impact different people in different ways, so anything is possible. Hopefully things will get better for you over time if your sxs are a result of the lipitor. Welcome to the board.

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Re: Can Lipitor produce BFS ?

Postby RGB on July 31st, 2013, 5:20 pm

Welcome. ... ciculation suggests that it is certainly sufficiently rare that it is going to be very difficult to pin down. I think that statin myopathy may be associated with fasciculations but my (entirely amateur and probably worthless) opinion is that you will never know. The fasciculations may just be 'one of those things' that would have occurred anyway and if not may now resolve in time.

You have though put me to shame. I am in my early 40s and I am definitely already "sensitive" to loading bags of topsoil :)

My history....Jan '13: Widespread Twitches. May 13': Unremarkable Neuro Exam. Jul '13: Clean EMG. Oct '13: BFS Diagnosis Today's Date: Twitching and Healthy!
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Re: Can Lipitor produce BFS ?

Postby Havemercy on December 9th, 2013, 6:12 pm

I am considering starting a statin but am afraid I may be at increased risk for myopathy.
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Re: Can Lipitor produce BFS ?



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