Back from EMG (2 days ago but now sober!)

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Back from EMG (2 days ago but now sober!)

Postby RGB on July 7th, 2013, 7:42 pm

To continue the story after... viewtopic.php?f=3&t=19169

After 6 months of twitching I finally got an EMG and although the doctor who performed it (a consultant neurophysiologist with 30+ years experience) isn't able to give a diagnosis (I have to go back to the neurologist for that) he did say "No evidence of any neurodegenerative disease". Happy days.

A few points that may be of interest...

1. Whenever I searched on EMG I found people who were saying it was a very unpleasant experience. Not to deny that this may be true for some, I can honestly say it was pain free. Normally "discomfort" is a code-word for "painful" but both the NCV and EMG were not anything worse than mildly uncomfortable. Although if you do find it unpleasant my advice is not to mention the many locations you have had fasciculations as you'll only get more perforations :)

2. I was initially frightened when there was clearly noise even when I was asked to relax the muscle. However I was told, and have no reason not to believe, that there is a good noise and bad noise and the noise I could hear was the good variety.

3. I mentioned that there is all kinds of 'wisdom' on the internet about the characteristics of fasciculations that may indicate that they are benign or sinister and whether any of it is true. I was told that there is no 100% accurate rule(s) but perhaps the most reliable is that people with ALS really don't seem to feel their twitches (but not feeling twitches doesn't equal ALS). If you feel your twitches and they are sudden-onset and body-wide then this is almost invariably a benign condition rather than a degenerative one.

4. I was told that ALS doesn't hide. If you have ALS and I put a needle in you then I will know in less than 2 minutes that you have a serious problem. Doesn't matter if you have fasciculations at the time or not.

5. I was told that in all honesty they don't know what causes benign fasciculations. It is probably more than one process but most frequently it is likely to be auto-immune.

6. My doctor mentioned that he had fasciculations for a while but they went away. Having read this forum for a bit I want to know if anyone has met a doctor who hasn't had them!! They are either very common (in the informed, either through their medical training or Google?) or there is a global conspiracy in healthcare where doctors lie to patients about having had them themselves :)

So I now wait for a neurology appointment but everything looks a lot less scary then it did a while ago. Thanks to all that offered advice/guidance/reassurance here.

My history....Jan '13: Widespread Twitches. May 13': Unremarkable Neuro Exam. Jul '13: Clean EMG. Oct '13: BFS Diagnosis Today's Date: Twitching and Healthy!
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Re: Back from EMG (2 days ago but now sober!)

Postby Yuliasir on July 7th, 2013, 10:10 pm

Hi, glad to see a person to whom EMG had helped to feel better

the noise we hear on EMG could be even heard al low humming and slight clicks without a machine sometimes (especially in neck/jaw muscles) and is a result of abdolutely any muscular activity. I also wonder if anybody not getting a handful of benzos could relax muscles deep enough to avoid any activity, especially when the doctor pokes your dear body with the needle :) Probably experienced EMG specialists could also read this melody in addition to the records, but generally your doctor was right - we always are noisy.
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Re: Back from EMG (2 days ago but now sober!)

Postby anita on July 8th, 2013, 4:11 am

RGB, I'm very happy for you. Congratulations, what a relief!
Your post is funny too! Indeed, two of the specialists I saw, a Neurologist and a Rheumatologist told me they too have fasciculations. The Neuro guy said he also sees at least one doctor each month, who has fasciculations. Unfortunately, that did not convince me that mine were harmless. But I'm glad yours are :)
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Re: Back from EMG (2 days ago but now sober!)



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