survey fasciculations

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survey fasciculations

Postby veroooo on June 1st, 2013, 1:14 am


I'm new but it is a good time that I fear for those pesky twitching!

1) How long? since August 2012

2) Frequency, power and area fasciculations? everywhere, it began in the eyelid (but I do not at all at this point), otherwise everywhere, language, abs, calves, especially at this time, and inner edge of the right foot. I had times where I had absolutely nothing for 10 days

3) What is the trigger? when I went to see my doctor for my eyelid jumping and he gave the word fasciculation I do not know ... so I searched google and .... you know the rest!

4) What does your doctor? hyperventilation, anxiety ...

5) Have you done any tests / exams different? emg in September 2012 RAS, brain scan, brain MRI RAS for 2 spinal MRI cervical spondylosis with canal narrowing, MRI lumbar spine osteoarthritis and L4/L5 disc herniation,
regular neuro exams because I am followed by a neuropsychiatrist, blood RAS

6) Did you find a solution? anxiolytic Urbanyl that had me very calm and fasciculations early antidepressant Cymbalta 60

maybe it is nothing but so hard to not be completely reassured!

and you?

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survey fasciculations



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