Trouble with walking

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Trouble with walking

Postby Rig on January 2nd, 2013, 8:15 am

Hey Folks,

I'm experiencing a weird symptom since a few months, i will try to describe the feeling, maybe one of you guys had it similar and i'm not the only one... this really freeks me out.

So I have this weird feeling in my right foot/ankle/leg more on the bottom, when i walk and the foot is about to come back to take a step forward, it feels uncomfortable, my foot/ankle feels crooked and i have always a weird feeling like it would be heavy or kind of blocked.

Also i had body wide twitches, still have them but not so much as in the past. My right calf, ankle and foot twitch nearly constantly, which really worries me... it really is always there and the twitches are very fine.

I have this symptoms for more than a year, got a clean EMG (Januar 2012) in my side of the body (arm, leg etc.)+ clinical exam (Januar 2012 and September 2012), all was good. I didn't get the BFS diagnosis, but my neuro pointed out that it probably would be BFS.

I'm 23 years old and suffered two years ago from the EHEC epedemic in germany, since then my symptoms like twitching and all this stuff appeared... so I'm still scared after a year that i'm developing some kind of mnd. Because many people which suffered from ehec got a bunch of very seroius neurologic symptoms (most of them recovered), but i didn't... i had a "soft" version of the decease...

So anyone got problems with walking too ? Sorry for my bad english...

Best Regards, Rig
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Re: Trouble with walking

Postby skonen on January 2nd, 2013, 9:53 pm

Does your ankle feel stiff? Does it become painful as the distance you walk increases?

If so, then I have a similar symptom. Prior to my twitching I was able to run/walk without pain, but after the onset of my twitching, I began to have great pain and stiffness in the ankles when walking or running. I'm not overweight and am far from it, so I suspect the cause is the same as what is causing my twitches. The ankle pain/stiffness has improved with time and further exercise. Within the the first few months I was unable to walk much more than a block without having to sit down or stop due to pain/stiffness. Now I can walk for several miles without debilitating pain/stiffness... However I am still unable to run without encountering it.
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Re: Trouble with walking



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