searching for the cured ones

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searching for the cured ones

Postby x.wokloiz on December 30th, 2012, 4:12 pm

hi. i heard a lot of rumors that they are people which their twitches stopped and their bfs gone, or gone in 95%. i found 1 topic about the guy who finally quit this inconvenience.
please, if you had real, proven BFS (looking on the full spectrum of symptoms) and your twitches ultimately gone, or you just know that person, please post in that topic. i really wonder that they people actually exist :P

PS. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone :D <2013> :)
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Re: searching for the cured ones

Postby SecretAgentMan on December 31st, 2012, 11:09 am

I overcame BFS. The twitching, the tingling limbs, the jolting (violent twitches) that would wake me up at night, the poor coordination, the anxiety, the panic attacks, the fear. I come back to this forum every now and again to reach out to those who are suffering and going through the hell that I remember going through. I don't really know how many people take my posts seriously or not, but I post just the same because if anything I post on makes sense and helps at least one person then it’s worth it.
Over the years my view of my recovery and what was necessary to make it happen has shifted somewhat. From my perspective now I can see that it required lifestyle changes in multiple categories in order for me to get to where I am today and to stay healthy. It required me to make changes to my diet, my personal care products, my environment, my attitude, and my way of thinking. You cannot just make a small change here or a small change there and expect BFS to go away. There is no magic pill or a quick fix. How we chose to live our lives directly impacts our bodies and we must lie in the bed we make for ourselves. Our attitudes, thoughts, and emotions are very much a part of this equation. What we think and feel directly influences our health. If this were not true anxiety would not make BFS symptoms worse and the placebo affect would not be a documented and proven phenomenon.

It is no accident that generally good things happen to generally positive people just as it is no accident that things always seem to go wrong for generally negative people. In our culture and society we seem to believe that planning out the worst possible scenario prepares us to deal with disappointment and will help us lessen the blow of the potential failure. All this does is trains us to stay in a negative frame of mind over long periods of time, which affects our attitudes and everything we do. The brain will actually change the way its neural pathways are mapped based on how we think. The good news is that this is not permanent. You can always change the way you think and the brain will adapt. It’s never too late to start thinking more positively. It is sometimes more difficult depending on how far down a certain path you are. Some of us need help because we are so far down a certain path we're lost. The trick is finding the right people to help.

Conventional medicine has not helped cure anyone of BFS because conventional medicine ignores vital parts of the equation that need to be addressed. Human beings are mind, body, and spirit complexes. Conventional medicine seems to view the human body as a biological machine and attempts to make adjustments either by altering the mechanics through surgery or by stimulating/suppressing certain functions through chemical manipulation (pharmaceuticals). I found that alternative medicine practices that took holistic approaches were far more beneficial to me because they also took into consideration the aspects that conventional medicine ignored.

I was pleasantly surprised by everything I learned once I opened my mind to new possibilities. The ‘energy’ that acupuncturists work with is real. The Chinese call it ‘Chi’ which means life force. Westerners just call it energy. Whatever you call it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is real and it responds to how and what you think, feel, and act. It is as much a part of you (if not more so) than any other body part. What is difficult for most people to wrap their minds around is that this invisible energy is what precedes any physical ailment. I’m not saying that BFS isn’t physical, but I am saying that BFS was set into motion by the compilation of your thoughts, attitudes, and actions through your life leading up until now. The energy behind what you ate, thought, and exposed yourself to lead up to what your energy is now at this moment.

Where you go from here is entirely up to you, but it did not take you a day to get here and it will take longer than a day to get back to good health. The momentum and the direction in which you are headed can turn on a dime though. The power and the choice are and always have been yours.
If your mind is your own worst enemy, why not make friends with it and turn it into your greatest ally? Mental discipline is achievable and there is help available. Learn what works for you, practice, and change your life for the better.
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Re: searching for the cured ones



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