Newbie or new to noticing ?

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Newbie or new to noticing ?

Postby anxiousmd on December 28th, 2012, 7:50 pm

Hi there I am a 37 yr old doctor and mom to three kids ages 2,3 and 5. I have experienced first hand the sheer terror and anxiety of twitches and DR. Google. For as long as I can remember, I experienced eye twitches when tired and calf twitches after exercise-but I never paid much notice to this until recently. About 3 months ago, I was getting an eyelid twitch on and off for about 7 days (longer than usual) when my lower lip twitched (incidentally this only happened once). Quite innocently I GOOGLED twitching and Oh my God I freaked -ALS!MS! Then rather suddenly, I started to experience twitches intermittently all over-calf, thighs, triceps, latissimus Dorsi, buttocks. I have no weakness or pain or other neuro signs whatsoever. My energy is good. Contemporaneously I started exercising more than I have done since adolescent years-jogging and PIlates. I also am lifting my kiddies-who have gotten real heavy and come to think about it I often do not get a full night sleep because of mommy duties on top of working as a full time doctor. I find your website an excellent source of information, and reassuring. My twitches have decreased in frequency a lot and I was nearly over my worries when the other day my thumb twitched on and off for a few hours and stopped -so again I freaked! Incidentally during the thumb twitch day I had no twitches at all for a few days. I have suffered from health anxiety since I was a child. My husband (who does not have health anxiety) says he gets twitches also-arm, leg, eye, lip-he says it just doesn't bother him.In fact I did not know he got twitches until I started talking about mine. He attributes it to stress or tiredness. You think being a doctor helps? It doesn't! All rational thought goes out the window with health anxiety. I found it interesting on AboutBFs that there is a strong link between anxiety and twitching, and that they fuel each other. Currently, I am getting between 1-10 brief twitches per day various limbs and sometimes my eyelids but always at rest.Sometimes I barely notice the twitches and I do think they are decreasing in frequency,but who knows if it will it flare up again? I live in Ireland, and there is a nearly 2 year wait-list to see the neurologist.What I do know is that I have to work on the anxiety,I will visit AboutBFS from time to time because it is a sound website, but I have banned myself from looking up DR. Google.As one of your posters stated, it's time to stop worrying and live life again. Keep up all the good work and Happy New Year!
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Re: Newbie or new to noticing ?

Postby Yuliasir on December 29th, 2012, 1:52 am


reading you post, I found myself saying almost in an old Jewish babushka way: oy-oy-oy! 3 little kids! Full time doctor! you are a real hero my darling, if you let me to say that.
have best wishes for you and your family in a new year coming!

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Re: Newbie or new to noticing ?

Postby PetrifiedGuy33 on December 30th, 2012, 4:50 pm

I live in Ireland too, if it is causing you a lot of anxiety then you can go private and pay a neurologist to do a clinical and if necessary, perform an emg and nerve conduction test on you, total cost would be around 300-400 euros, i did exactly the same as you last year, started googling about my twitches and of course when I read about some of the worst case scenarios my symptoms and twitching got a million times worse

I first twitched at 16/17 and paid no notice, most people have twitched in their eye or calves at some point but I have had widespread bodywide twitching on and off for over 15 years, most of those years I barely noticed them and there have been long periods when I got very few twitches, however at moments of high anxiety and stress I seem to get a lot more

the facts are though that most people present with weakness rather than twitching for the disease your fear plus if you have been twitching for over a year then the huge likelihood is that they are benign so of course the next challenge is managing your anxiety

there seems to be a significant overlap between people with health anxiety or ocd type thought patterns and bfs

I am currently going through a kind of relapse of fears that go against all rational thinking as I have twitched for so long without weakness, all around my body and it hasn't been progressive but rather on/off, just getting some facial twitches occassionally lately in lips, jaw, throat, cheek, just every now and then but also in the rest of my body, not that frequent at all really but I just tend to focus on them too much and that seems to make things worse

this time last year I got so anxious that for a few months I thought I was slurring my speech but I wasn't, I was just anxious and mumbled and stumbled over a few words here and there - my fear was of the bulbar onset of the disease, rarer than limb onset and even rarer in people in our age bracket, I thought I was drooling, having swallowing difficulties etc. but then magically after some ssri drugs and a clean emg and nerve conduction test my speaking and swallowing were fine again - why? Because I wasn't anxious, because I wasn't obsessively focusing on them.

Fast forward to the last month or so and I am back on health anxiety mode, first I thought I was having swallowing difficulties but after a few weeks that passed and now I am back to focusing on my speech again, stumbling over the occassional word etc - but this is not how the disease works, this is how anxiety works, how ocd thought patterns work and this is almost certainly the problem I have to overcome with maybe some cbt therapy and some lifestyle changes - although I have to say both my bfs and health anxiety/ocd are generally rather mild, there are moments where it gets me into a near panic mode

if you want to discuss any issue relating to it, feel free to contact me, I am pretty sure we are ok, we just have to learn to convince ourselves of that
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Re: Newbie or new to noticing ?



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