twitching now mostly feet and calfs - could you help?

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twitching now mostly feet and calfs - could you help?

Postby benjaminb on December 21st, 2012, 2:21 pm


i read here a lot and thank you all. My Age is now 27

I have twitches since 3,4 or more years I think. There was a time it was only on my arms I think. Sometimes I regognized it and sometimes there was nothing. This time (3 years ago) I first read from als. And i was very afraid. Then a year later there was a time my eyelid twitched 4 month long or so.

Then 5 month ago I read again about als and looked all over my body since then i feel and see twitches on my inner and outer side of my feet and calfs. (on both sides, one side twitches are stronger). don´t know if they are there longer. These made me feel really bad. These twitches are sometimes more sometimes less. Mostly I see them only in the right light. They are 24/7 I think. Now the inner foot right is the most twitiching area. It´s worst when I sit down and have nothing to do.

I still have a few twitches on my legs, thigh, on my shoulder, butt and eyelid.

But this on my feet and calfs make me really crazy. I can also provoke them mostly by tapping it. Weakness I don´t feel. It´s only the twitching. When i do strength test, walking on toes and heels its no problem.

You know this twitching?, Í´m still afraid of this deadly desease. Did never an EMG or something.
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Re: twitching now mostly feet and calfs

Postby christo on December 21st, 2012, 2:38 pm

Hello Benjamin,

I have a lot of twitches in calves and feet, I think they are 24/7. I am only aware of them for 3 month, maybe they are there for longer. I wish I could say like you that I twitch for 3 or 4 years cause it puts you in a really safe zone. I strongly believe that if you had something really bad it would have show up by that time. You probably don't even need an EMG but if you think it could reassure you maybe you should go to a neuro ?
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Re: twitching now mostly feet and calfs



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