So scared! Invisible and weak twitches... Please help!

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So scared! Invisible and weak twitches... Please help!

Postby Julie on December 17th, 2012, 1:27 pm

Hi everybody! 

I am new to this forum, but I have more than 2 weeks reading all your experiences...
First of all I would like to say, that this forum is very helpfull, I have learned so many things in two weeks...

My name is Julie (30 years old), I am from Belgium but I am leaving in Mexico for more than 7 years, so please do not prest too much attention to my english, I will try to do my best :-)

I am suffering GAD and panic attacks since I was 19 years old, with up and down...
Last year my panic attacks came back, I thought for few month that I had Parkinson because I was always shaking, from outside and inside.  I had a very very high level of anxiety for month before everything started. Finally I had eye lid twitches for 2 weeks, then 3 months later, I remember perfectly I was watching tv in my sofa and I felt for the very first time twitches all over my body for hours.
On the beginning I had few days without twitching and others days twitching like crazy.  I was so worried and guess what?? Our dear, lovely google present me this horrible *** that I even did not know before!!!!

My stress, my anxiety, my panic attacks are permanent since then.  My symptoms are  worst than before ans that is the reason of my presence here, I am so so afraid. 

1) end of March 2012 (8 months ago) first twitches all over my body
2) in May hot spot, my left calf, alyways, always in the same place, almost 24/7 for 5 months
3) twitches all over my body, like pop corn effect, but 90% are in my legs
4) 2 months ago twitches has started in my right calf aswell, when I put my calves side to each other it is  like a symphony!! 


5) Now I have more than a months with strange feelings in my both legs
-------> I can not even describe this feeling, it is like I have a internal, very deep and low or weak twitches muscles.  When I am seated or when I am relaxing in my sofa, i can feel that for hours, in different part of the thight but MOST OF THE TIME BEHIND MY THIGHT I am so afraid because a read that the *** fasciculations are not visible, deep and weak!! 
Why do I feel that now?? As I say I had twitches for many months in my left calf (especially one spot) so I am afraid now that it is progressing to my thigh.  It is vibrations? Tremors? Fasciculations? I am lost.  :-( THIS IS HAPPENING MORE FREQUENTLY , ALMOST ALL THE TIME MUCH MORE THAN THE "NORMAL TWITCHES". I even almost dont twitch except there
-------> I have the buzz as well, most of the time in my legs, and feet it comes and goes, few seconds. 

6) I have dorsal foot pain (left again), I have MORE than a month with this foot pain, in the morning it hurts me but after few steps the pain goes away.  But ALWAYS when a step strongly and put my foot on the left side it hurts so badly (metartase thing, tendons, muscle???)
-------->Ii saw a chiropractor but he told me that could be my shoes, he did not feel something broke inside, and thought could be 2 small muscles (WHAAAAT THE HELL??!!!)... then a saw a podiatrist and she told me it was a plantar facsitis but when i read on internet the symptoms and the pain it's very different to what I feel.  I am scared about this pain beacause I read once that a person discover he had -**** because a foot pain.   

I saw a neurologist two weeks ago, he told me that my twitches and strange feeling in my legs was because of my anxiety, i did not think I needed a IMR.  He recomand me to see a psychiatric instead...  One think I am concerned as well, during the neurological examen, the doctor told me that i had hyper/active reflexes, but it was nothing to be worried about, it was caused by my anxiety, can you tell more about hyper/active refelxes? Is that a symptom of ***?  For my foot pain he did not even prest attention

Sometimes I don't  know if I really trust the doctors here, just because I am not in my country...
I need your opinion....  I take xanax to relax but even with that i feel all what I just wrote.

Regards, Julie.
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Re: So scared! Invisible and weak twitches... Please help!

Postby Yuliasir on December 17th, 2012, 2:16 pm

Hi Julia,
first of all lets reasure you that up to now your picture looks quite as ours :))) and hyperactive reflexes are also very common in our situation. You really should not worry about that. In ALS neuros are usually worried if they see a specific combination of both weak and hyperactive reflexes, because the nature of the ALS is so that person expereience both spastic and weak paralysis almost simulaneously, so to say due to death of neurons in brain and spinal part. But that is very specific, and does not look like anxiety related so called extended reflexes.

as for the pain in the feet, I can tell you that many of BFS sufferers have weird weaking of ligaments (or just start to note that) - they have crack in joints, etc. I am not 100% sure (and who can be?) because it is impossible to check their conditions back to the period before BFS independently, but if those joint cracking is a symptome of BFS and not only a result of increased body awareness, then it might be that BFS affects our ligaments too making them less elastic. that could cause cracks in the joint, joint pains very common in BFS and foot pain of course.
I am not sure that pain like you describe (motion related definitely) could be a symptom of ALS. The only story I can remember with first pain then ALS was a story of some rock player who had EXTREME spasm which was lasting for days and weeks - but you should note he is a second after Mr. Hockins who survived in ALS over 5 average years, so his issue was not a TYPICAl one. probably the guy just had a strong cramp due to bad modus vivendi common for rock stars, and it could be absolutely not related to his subsequent ALS. normally ALS is manifested as loss of muscle operations, not like pain.

We often feel buzzing (internal) but that is not motion but sensory issue, also very unlike for ALS.

GAD is so common herer that it is almost another contributory condition.

You migh have an Xray of your feet if necessary because chiropractics can not probably see your foot and small cracks are often very very painful while we caould easily get them. I knew the girl who had a crack in the foot only because of wearing improper shoes model.

if xanax does not help, you might seek for psychiatrist really for some other edication scheme. I would say that if you have panic attcks it anyway rather need management because PAs usually badly decrease quality of life. Good way is to combine meds and speaking therapy because meds only give you some chemical relief but never change the way of thinking and feeling which drives you down to the anxiety valley...

the more you would read this forum, the more info you could find assuring you that many fellows share same symptomes and are still alive after years and even decades. Probably that would help.
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Re: So scared! Invisible and weak twitches... Please help!

Postby Julie on December 17th, 2012, 6:17 pm

Thank you so much Yuliasir to answer me so quickly, it's so nice for me to know that i am not alone into this.

As you explain for the hyperactive reflexes I feel much better because I do not have any weak paralysis with that. :-)
Thank you to remind me aswell that *** don't start with pain, when I readed that a guy was diagnosed *** after a foot pain but he mentionned having terrible cramps aswell.... and thanks god I don't suffer cramp yet (and wish never).  
I will try Xray for my foot pain  it may help me more than the cream I am using this last two days.

Could you tell me more about this weak and invisibles twitches I feel behind my thights (well actually I have them in all my thight but more behind) please? Or anyone of you has felt this strange sensation behind their thight? When I am seated i can feel the twitches, but there are sooo weak and invisibles.  I am scared about that.

When poeple says that the *** twitches starts in one point and then progress all over, how is working? 
In my case: for 5 months I had twitches in left calf, then 1 months after in both calves and now almost no twitches in calves but all this weak twitches behind my tight.

Is it the way they progress??

Aswell, this morning when I woke up i stayed bit longer in my bed then my thumb and auricular jumped few times, is not the first time it happened, but most of the time I have that is in the morning or just before sleeping...  Someone had that before?

Thank you so much for your answer...
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Re: So scared! Invisible and weak twitches... Please help!



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