best and worst moments so far

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best and worst moments so far

Postby PetrifiedGuy33 on December 10th, 2012, 12:59 pm

worst moment, probably during the early days of my bulbar fears, i was ultra conscious of every word i spoke, i remember ordering food at the work canteen and i mispronounced the order, then later that day i was eating a bagel and i couldn't chew my way through it - a friend has just entered my apartment and he was chatting with my girlfriend happily about finishing college exams and i remember sitting there looking at the half-eaten bagel and watching them chatting happily and having to put on a brave face and try to be sociable, later that day i told my girlfriend about my worries, she is the kindest person i have ever met and the thing that really got to me was the thought of me dying a horrible death in front of her

best moment, i remember leaving the hospital after getting my emg and never conduction test, the neuro cleared me of anything sinister - i remember calling my girlfriend as i walked to a bus-stop, it was a dark and cold evening and i was just flooded with relief and joy and i couldn't stop talking even though I am usually fairly reserved

I think I have an anxiety problem, most times it is under control but every now and then it can increase in intensity and manifest itself in various forms

i have decided to finally take action on this rather than watching the pattern reoccur

5 steps

1. medication

2. cbt/relaxation techniques

3. diet

4. exercise

5. social engagement/participation

fed up of these fears now, have had a relapse the last few days with the dreaded bulbar fears, tongue feels stiff, today i felt little bits of food getting stuck in the back of the throat - i feel like a wimp that i have not yet beaten these fears and again am letting them dictate to me and damage my quality of life

there is a lot of doom and anxiety on these boards so let's hear more of your highs rather your lows so if you want to share then go ahead describe your worst and best moments please folks
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Re: best and worst moments so far

Postby SecretAgentMan on December 10th, 2012, 3:51 pm

For the most part you are on the right track. Realizing that it is your fear and anxiety driving the symptoms is the first step. Taking action to change the way you live your life to counter the stress and fear is easier said than done, but necessary for true change. Medication covers symptoms up and cures nothing. Your body is not deficient in any pharmacutical chemical coctails, nor is anyone elses, which is why meds don't cure BFS (they don't even cover it up very well either). Your steps 2 -5 are where your keys to happiness and success truly exist. Just remember that change is difficult at first but you'll need to stick with it if you want to take back control of your life.

The relaxation technique I recommend most is meditation. Diet is also critically important. The best and most simple diet advice I can give is to eliminate as much processed foods as possible and substitute with organic, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats (antibiotic free and range free if possible). Exercise and social engagement are very good too. These contribute to your energy level and attitude which are equally important. Attitude is everything.
If your mind is your own worst enemy, why not make friends with it and turn it into your greatest ally? Mental discipline is achievable and there is help available. Learn what works for you, practice, and change your life for the better.
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Re: best and worst moments so far

Postby Yuliasir on December 11th, 2012, 12:06 am

I just would add that CBT is not the only option in the field of psychotherapy. CBT itself needs quite a high level of energy because it is about constant tracing-accounting -etc., practically it is quite a hard workout for brains ;)))) So virtually ANY kind of speaking therapy might be good. CBT is good and efficient mostly when we already know what excatly we fear of (sometimes it happens that our fear of deadly disease just covers other important things). I was trying both CBT and Geshtalt and I would say the best is again a combination. With CBT you are rather training yourself for new ways of thinking, but speaking with trained person about those daily fears would usually give a solid base for that very beneficial training :)))

have a good luck, and beleive me that amount of power you would feel with relief of fears is so much that your life would be really new and precious.
And remember that this might be a long journey too - at least for a several years surely. BFS might get off sooner that anxiety itself :)
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Re: best and worst moments so far



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