The Psychosomatic Aspect

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Re: The Psychosomatic Aspect

Postby mommylondon on November 29th, 2012, 2:24 pm

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Re: The Psychosomatic Aspect

Postby Davey Jones on May 16th, 2013, 6:32 am

I developed BFS about 2.5 years ago. I had lots of symptoms. The initial trigger was a bout of ill health (viral infection) that left me unable to walk (short lived). I had deep anxiety and very short-lived depression (worried about health and my family). I went to private health care to see the UK's leading neurologist expert at King College London who diagnosed BFS. I then finally had an appointment in Liverpool on the National Health system. They diagnosed me with the same. After about 6-12 months I think my BFS gradually went away (cramps, shooting pains, twitching, pain etc). I also took time out from overworking and excercised more to make me break from work as part of the de-stress programme. All going well, right? Cured. Back to normal?

After 2 years, the National Health did a standard follow up on me. No problem I thought. Famous last thought! Two weeks before my appointment I started twitching like crazy. The twitching also spread to parts of the body I hadnt had them before (I think this goes back to the first consultation where the neuro said to me "it will be fine unless the twitching spreads". At the time of the follow up appointment I was deepy anxious about the twitching again (irrational) having those negative thoughts I had way back when at the start of my BFS. I know that the thoughts were crazy. Afterthe appointment I started to get really bad leg pains too (downward spiral). It was at that point that I knew I was back at the start again. Road to recovery now ongoing. Pain gone now - just need to heal the rest of the anxiety.

Yes, I now know it is psychosomatic based on the timing of symptoms etc. Getting rid of the anxiety/stress/negative thoughts is the key to curing BFS. As voiced by many here, BFS is not going to kill you (apart from driving you mentally insane). BFS seems to just keep the mind occupied trying to avert itself from thinking of the other negative aspects of your life. However, BFS is also in itself a downward spiral. The key is to recognise that you can beat it.
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Re: The Psychosomatic Aspect

Postby Fabiola on May 16th, 2013, 8:25 am

Yes definetively this thing has something psychosomatic, but how hard is calm the mind, thats the big challenge,,,
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Re: The Psychosomatic Aspect




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