Anxiety and BFS

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Anxiety and BFS

Postby DaveB on November 4th, 2012, 2:36 am

Hi, I’m new here and I would like to share some of my experiences with BFS.
Scrolling through the comments I notice how anxiety is often mentioned, as either appearing to make BFS worse or people becoming very anxious when they discover their BFS symptoms. In my case anxiety is causal of the BFS.

I have had an anxiety condition since puberty, though till recently I just thought I had a very sensitive nature. With the BFS I have had a small amount of it through my adult life. Fortunately I just regarded it as another harmless quirk that I possessed. It wasn’t till I was forced to confront my anxiety the BFS took off.
The revelation I had was that I have anxiety stored in tight muscles all through my body, when this anxiety is released the muscles twitch (BFS) and I get to feel more relaxed. I have found the way to get the anxiety released is through SSRI drugs, hypnosis, meditation and fish oil (effectiveness in that order). Techniques like CBT for me only settle down the anxiety, they don’t release it. From what I can see the drugs and other techniques bring the emotion to the surface from the subconscious so it can be released.

When such emotion comes to the surface it is very unpleasant, I find I can rarely take the drugs for more than a week as I am a nerve case. But while on the drugs and for a few days after, my muscles start twitching and this is where I get the relief and it is permanent. With so much tension released I am now less anxious and less tired. People tell me I am looking much healthier and less gaunt in the face. All those facial twitches have helped!

How did I get all that anxiety in my muscles, I’m not sure? Perhaps I put it in as small increments as a child? Perhaps it is endogenous, a chemical imbalance? As there is so much I often wonder if I have some how inherited it?

I know this is probably only one reason why people may have BFS but I thought I’d pass it on in case it may help some. One thing for sure with me is that I love my BFS, it means I am getting better.
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Re: Anxiety and BFS

Postby Yuliasir on November 4th, 2012, 3:04 am

Hi Dave, I am an old GAD sufferer and I suppose in my case it is partly of inherent nature (I have also mild form of Ellers Danloss syndrome which is know to be assosiated with elevated anxiety and depression) and partly caused by specific raising conditions (I was born on 1970 so early separation at the age of 1 year was considered as nothing special for the children, while we just recently started to understand it may not fit child's needs).

I was trying in my 42 years almost everything from neglection to strict drills and CBT, from drugs to speaking therapy, and I can tell that my experience is like GAd or obsessive behaviour are lifelong conditions, like diabetes, and should be treated accordingly (just maybe not in everyday way because nobody could live on SSRI of course). But we must monitor ourselves, consider seasonal flareups in fall and spring time, avoid severe loads and extreme wheather condition, etc. etc. We must be friends with our body - any person needs that but for us it is really vital skill ;)

I can confirm that some involuntary movements could be a natural anxiety and tension relief - I have involuntary shiverings which immediately relieve my tension, but I would not name that as twitches :))) however every person is individual and maybe your twitches are really making some distraction and tension relief. it is well known that in conditions like Turrette syndrome people really feel the true relief when ticking, twitching and making stereotype actions (even if this is a swearing or shouting).

By the way I can see here that many people with high anxiety after finding that they do not have ALS or MS or whatever find really great relief in just having twitches (unless they do not annoy too much) and even say that they miss them a bit...

Anyway good to hear that twitches may be beneficial and i am very glad to read that you are better now!
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Re: Anxiety and BFS

Postby MarioMangler on November 4th, 2012, 4:52 am

One thing for sure with me is that I love my BFS, it means I am getting better.

Hey, I like that line! I am going to start using it. :D

I wouldn't be surprised at all if BFS was just our body's way of healing from some traumatic overload. Who knows. I do know that the few years leading up to BFS were the most stressful in my life, and I very easily could have broken something. Maybe this is the penance I must pay know. I don't know, all I really do know is that I am healthier now and I eat and sleep better and I control my emotions better now than I did the first 33 years of my life. In the long run that has to be good for something. Maybe BFS was just a wake up call. Or, might I say it, a blessing.
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Re: Anxiety and BFS



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