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new to bfs

Postby the_fish on August 17th, 2012, 2:14 pm

Hello, I am a healthy (?) 23 year old, and I'm pretty sure that I have bfs.

Recently, I felt a strange buzzing feeling under my left eye. It almost felt like a pulse, but I came to realize it was actually small twitches. It wasn't visible, but it was annoying. After a few days of this, I looked it up on the internet, and came across all those sites. Of course, my body exploded into a frenzy of twitches. This was maybe two weeks ago. Today, the majority of what I experience is a buzzing feeling, somewhere in between the sensation of shivering from cold or a fever, with random twitches that stop when I use the muscle. I've also experienced some perceived weakness/numbness/pins and needles in my arms and legs.

Luckily, thanks to this website, I'm not a complete wreck. I visited my doctor, and he said that what I was experiencing were fasciculations, and that the odds I had anything bad was very low, which was reassuring. He said I probably didn't need to see a neurologist, and that my symptoms were caused by stress and anxiety, which I've definitely had enough of recently.

I just had a few questions for the community: I've seen in a few places that tremors are one of the symptoms bgs sufferers may encounter. Are these constant, or do they go away when you flex? I've noticed that sometimes my muscles will sort of quiver, and shake when I lift things, as if i were really straining hard. My limbs shake, but I don't really feel any exertion. I have noticed this in my arms, fingers, abs and legs. Sometimes even on my face. Does this relate to the tremor?

Sometimes I get weird sensations all over but most recently in my arms like pins, needles and numbness. I know this is classic bfs, but I was wondering if the whole episode might have been caused by tweaking my back at work. I have a fair amount of back pain. Its it possible to get twitches in the eye area from a back injury? Or tinnitus (I have slight tinnitus in my left ear, constant)? I would think that you couldn't get face twitches/tinnitus from that, but who knows.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: new to bfs

Postby cclose on August 20th, 2012, 3:38 pm

As you have probably already found fasciculation is basically the medical word for a twitch and is a symptom. In some cases a specific cause for the twitch can be found and possibly a treatment. In many cases no specific cause is found and it is then described as BFS which can be interpreted as, we don't know what causes this but it's not going to kill you. It would probably be worth seeing a neuro if only to eliminate other possibilities. Stress may make symptoms worse but I think it is unlikely to be the cause.

If you have damaged your back then it might explain the symptoms and this is one of the things a neuro would check. That said it is likely that your symptoms are BFS, but it is best to get it confirmed by someone with medical knowledge.

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